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Endor DLC Review (Spoilers)


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First off, in the star wars crawl, it says "while the battle above rages on..."

Umm, where is the battle??? O_o I so no rebel ships. Endor looks peaceful. So, what gives with the fake facts. I'd be nice if they showed a cut scene of starkiller flying the rogue shadow through the battle and destroying some rebel ships!


Kill Ewoks! How dare he! And its confusing, cause I realized, wait its not the original or the clone of starkiller you play in TFU2, but a different, more evil clone that is only seen in the dark side ending clip O_o


I do, however, LOVE his outfit!


After you brutally kill of little Ewoks, you then face Chewbacca and Han Solo. And kill them! Ok, but I don't remember killing Luke off in TFU1 sith edition. I actually felt like crying when they died.


Leia as a Jedi. I'm lost with "when my brother fell on hoth" does she mean dead or fell to the dark side? I'm confused "I took on the destiny he couldn't" very confused! And who is responsible for her training???


Her outfit was sweet though! And the lightsaber changes from green to yellow O_o And its Luke's. It'd be nice if she'd make her own!


One thing that really bugs me, Starkiller is like invincible. And he has rapid healing abilities, unlike the previous game. Ok, when did this happen and why didn't I have it when I faced Kazden and Vader in TFU1!


And then Leia dies a horrible death. Umm, why didn't she see/sense that his second lightsaber was there. She could of force pushed it away.


And the ridiculous scene between Vader and the Emperor. Umm, wait, what are they looking at and how do they know that all the rebels are dead O_o And is Vader like frozen, because he doesn't not move at all, until the Emperor uses his force lighting. And how pitiful. He beats the crap out of starkiller, but can't reflect lightning with his blade. He had fast skills in TFU1!

And that line "now skywalker, you will die". I thought he renounced skywalker as his name. I feel like they just stole the line from Return of the Jedi.


Oh and, "destroy the clone" Ha! These villains never learn. What makes you think you can kill him? He's going to tare down those star destroys and escape, you don't have to see it to know its a fact.


All in all, pretty much disappointed and confused...

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