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Psychonauts' Raz in Alice: Madness Returns?

The Tingler

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I've recently played through and enjoyed Alice: Madness Returns. It's a crazily insane platformer with more than a hint of Psychonauts about it. It was therefore with coincidence that I found this character hidden away in a secret area of Queensland:




(Excuse the poor image quality as I have the 360 version)


Now doesn't that character look extremely like Razputin? Even down to pulling this pose? I was still willing to write it off as a coincidence as I didn't think there was any connection between Alice, the Spicy Horse team, American McGee and Double Fine... but then at the very end, dug in the credits:


"Special Thanks: Tim Schafer"


Did Tim help them out with some parts of the game or something? Or did they just love Psychonauts so much they stuck a skeleton Raz in there and thanked Tim anyway? Either way, yay!

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