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  1. I can understand the feelings that some fans have here about the lack of authenticity on some of these releases existing and what they represent vs getting the actual originals. As someone who has an original release of basically every LA game EXCEPT Zak, I am stoked to have this release. The absurd prices online have caused me to hold off on that purchase. (Especially that joker who is selling a copy for 2,500, hah). I did assume this release was coming down the pipe and am thankful that it has finally been announced. I also don't think Zak was released in a slide-out double-box but only a top-flap open box, but I could be incorrect. I do like that this release will have Zak box conform to the rest of these releases. I do rate this licensed release higher than a very well done reproduction copy of the box, as this at least wears it's repro label on its shoulder side and may not creep into forgery-resale, even on accident. Maybe someday I will get my hands on a legitimate box but this is a nice way to let my shelf no longer have that void.
  2. Oooo and I was just about to spend the $2,500 on eBay. Shucks
  3. There definitely were fish swimming by the portholes of the Bloody Lip bar in non-SE editions of MI2.
  4. And hasn't it come out that he really didn't write any of the insults. It was more that he gave them a look-over of what was already written? Oh well. Sorry, I didn't mean to add to the off-topic.
  5. It has been quite a while for me. I would love to do join this and read it once again. Count me in.
  6. As someone that hasn't made time to play the game, are these five fancy different keys five actual inventory items in the game? But there is no way I'm going all-in to get all of these keys. There has been enough say on Limited Run (and some other similar companies) feeding off people's compulsions to no be left out and MUST buy all products and versions.
  7. Aren't there three slightly different versions of the Loom Audio drama? Different actors and lengths?
  8. I'm sorry that I have nothing to add to this topic at this time other than to thank you for your work. I don't have the time to dig into game files right now but I am so happy that you've shared all this work with the community.
  9. I wanted to clarify that while I hate the movie title (but maybe that'll change after seeing it) I am totally on board for another Indy film and have been loving Mangold dispelling rumors to the trolls even though they keep "looking deeper". I hope he doesn't become jaded from all of this. I have been enjoying trying to make the connections to Fate of Atlantis but I'm going to try and enjoy this movie as it is. I would also see another movie with a different actor playing Indy. Too bad we lost River Phoenix too young.
  10. There's also the Steam streaming devices so you can use Big Picture mode on your TV. I use that to play CMI on the TV.
  11. Seems the publisher is "UFO Interactive". They haven't tweeted since March 2021 and their latest news post on their website is from July 25, 2019 but their website footer says Copyright 2021, so not too far behind.
  12. "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" Thanks, I hate it. ...unless it's that Atlantian sun dial. Or Dial-A-Pirate!
  13. I don't remember Indy's goddaughter helping him find Atlantis... 🤔
  14. Max Stuffed toy is back in stock at Uncute. https://www.uncute.com/products/sam-and-max-stuffed-toy
  15. There was a "Legends of LeChuck" fan-game, done perhaps in, what was it, Kilk-n-Play engine? I think you played as Largo? It's been too long. And I can't be talking about fan-work without bringing up off-topic Maniac Mansion Deluxe.
  16. As Doc Brown is a student of all sciences, I'm a student of all BTTF parts. And thank you. When the time is right, I'm all set to show her the Humongous titles I've never played and from there we'll try some Lucas titles and explore worlds.
  17. @BaronGrackle Oh, I've got it on PC (with horse armor) but like @Al.DeHyde I have a 6 month old.
  18. Anyone else still here in "I haven't been able to play it yet" land?
  19. I can't get the scans of the normal Outlaws magazine ads without the text on the other side bleeding through. I forget... do I need a thick, black board to place behind it on the scanner to not let the light shine through to the back page?
  20. You may have some luck with this webpage. It's certainly fun to look through the large catalog and spin all the boxes around. https://bigboxcollection.com/#CollectionOverview
  21. I think I can help you out here with some Outlaws content this weekend.
  22. I want to read a last-minute interview WITH @Remi. Remi, how are you? What are your thoughts a day before this game releases? How did you know to reserve the name decades ago? How do you feel about your future fight of Search Engine Optimization to filter specifically to you? Would you change your name of it was Michael Bolton?
  23. 9am "Pacific"?! I thought this was "Deep in the Caribbean"??? 🙊
  24. ScummVM option/fix to backfill this fix to all versions??
  25. Why do you all keep bringing up the rope bridge?!? I have to go to sleep soon! 😬 \\________ 🤠____ ____// 🐊 🐊 🐊
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