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  1. Maybe wait to see the product quality first before brandishing their logo? Who am I kidding... I need a fine leather jacket.
  2. I'll just go ahead and assume we're finally getting that Star Wars point-n-click adventure game.
  3. While you work on another one or two could you see about documenting your process a bit for a post? I would love to hear about the effort being put in here!
  4. I've been looking to introduce Curse of Monkey Island to my wife and while I think the original CMI can look beautiful, perhaps some graphical upgrades may improve the enjoyment for a new player now that we're in the future year of 2021. Along with AndywinXp's new work on fixing iMuse issues within CMI and ScummVM, I wanted to test out the two current options for improving the looks of CMI within ScummVM compared to the standard edition. 0. No Filter. 1. Graphical Filtering (ScummVM built-in smoothing). 2. Experimental xBRZ add-on for ScummVM (Written up by Dimi on
  5. I'm glad you brought those shirts up. Recently on eBay there had been a DOTT Tri-Box and two excellent shirts for sale. The DOTT Tri-Box sold for over $406 US (300 GBP) and was available with a Buy It Now price. I was so tempted but actually the photos showing the inside of the box showed me just how flimsy the box is and it actually discouraged me to drop so much money on "a box". A Day of the Tentacle shirt was also recently sold (but I can no longer find the link (ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-VTG-90s-DAY is all I still have of the URL)). I think it sold for less than $200
  6. @jake Just letting you know that I just received a SkunkApe email about getting the game at 50%, but unfortunately was sent to my Junk email.
  7. While I certainly do not know for sure, I don't think they've released specific items from other big releases as separate releases that I can tell.
  8. Just mentioning that I "claimed" TheScummBar on Discord before some non-mojoer could possibly claim it. I haven't brought it up before so no one uses it. I'd be happy to give it to our ScummBar site. I haven't gotten into using Discord much though I usually just enjoy these forums.
  9. You're a witch! Or, at best, a voodoo priestess!
  10. You can just hop onto Adventure Game Studio and use the Lucas templates. I get what you're saying but that would be so unlikely and there are already great tools available today. I do know that these creators like Ron have stated that they have looked at "available engines today" and decided they weren't good enough or didn't give them the flexibility they wanted so they made their own all over again but really, these engines are dang good enough.
  11. The restored cutscenes of the cannibals using the Monkey Head is quite nice! https://youtu.be/DLnx2thglFQ
  12. Murray's browline looks correct (and appropriately evil) but I feel like the jaw is all wrong. The overall [bone] structure looks like it could use refinement.
  13. Jake, I'm not asking for you to divulge business talks here but I just wanted to say that I hope you all are considering teaming up with a group like Limited Run for physical Switch releases of these remasters.
  14. Looking back at the horizontal Tales of MI box in my collection there, now I want to make a cardboard slipcase with some vertical TMI poster/cover art. Maybe I'll work on that.
  15. Here was a setup I had early last year but more was added and then all boxed up for my current move. Once I find a new house and settle in I'll show off my new plans for the game display.
  16. Do get your hands on Monkey Island 5 then! And welcome!
  17. The reverse side of the Monkey Island 2 box?! Lovely!! Thank you generous collector, and Laserschwert!
  18. ....and yet, Adventure Game Studio is more than capable of doing this and is also free and available today.
  19. Is that a jumbo box for Curse of Monkey Island? Like an enlarged store display box?
  20. Oh then I clearly didn't look hard enough at that item. I just assumed that one was correct. I guess I had my attention drawn to the bland poster and dreaming of what could have been.
  21. Am I the only one not bummed about the LucasFilm text on the USB? Also as I saw elsewhere on twitter, inventory items as pins is more exciting to me than Guybrush heads.
  22. Why can't the poster instead be some form of the Tri Island Map in poster or cloth form?! Please!! And Udvarnoky, I know you're talking about me.
  23. It is now! (Update: And for others, I found some sites with not the complete book, but here is seemingly a complete edition of Dale Dassels FOA novelization. https://www.deviantart.com/whipwarrior/art/Indiana-Jones-and-the-Fate-of-Atlantis-697644342
  24. Could you please show more of the "Monkey Island Special" box, the smaller Fate of Atlantis box above Thimbleweed Art Book, and the two book-looking LucasFilm items behind Labirynth??
  25. Hey, then I probably saw you there at your booth, just as I working at a booth katty-korner from Gary and Ron. It was hard to not just go hang out at their booth when I could see them all day. But I'm afraid that I was fanboying over Ron too much and left Gary undeservedly without much praise. They were both kind enough to sign some of the Lucas boxes I specifically brought out to PAX East that year. Gary jokingly said "there'll be on ebay by tonight" and I said "No way! Straight to my game room wall!"
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