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The 'I like' game

Darth Avlectus

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Ok...after visiting an imageborad forum I swore I'd never go back to again I found myself there again and teh major lulz ensued.


It goes like this and it doesn't always need to start with I like, doesn't always need to rhyme, or sound exactly, you can quote one post a ways back if you want to take it another direction, or you can totally change it up so long as it keeps a pace and has some kind of connection.

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For example: now please do me a favor and don't get an erection! :xp: lol j/k around don't be too lewd for PG-13 please
You can start over again if there's nowhere else a particular thing is going.


EDIT: This is perhaps a similar game to word association, but instead of single words it is subjects nouns verbs adjectives and the like, and maybe some fun spin on semantics and frames. /edit







OK let me see if I can demonstrate more clearly. This game is either about "I LIKE" statements, the rhyming of words from a previous statement (quoting helps if it is far back), or something fairly (INTUITIVELY) related.


The goal is: You try to keep a combo chaining along as long as possible. If you wish to break a combo, you must start a new one.






"I like soda"

"I like yoda"

"I live in north dakota"


Then if you want to insert a combo breaker:

"Dakota?! Isn't it super cold there?"


Then you can go on


1) rhyming with something in that last sentence


"What about old neck hair?"

"Did you see that dead grizzly bear?"

"You want to host a renn faire?"


2) you can say something related to north dakota--


"North Dakota, awesome taverns."


maybe because North Dakota is a state you can use that as a basis for

"Ah North Dakota...but it isn't as awesome as California!", then go on about California


3) an "I LIKE" statement about something IN, ABOUT, or RELATED TO North Dakota. For example, replying to the above "North Dakota, awesome taverns." you can say


"I like Taverns"



IF you do a combo breaker/change in subject, it MUST adhere to one of the 3 conditions pointed out above AND EITHER

a> be about something in the post before OR

b> you must QUOTE IT before you reply to it.


Example: you see we are talking about taverns above, you want to shift it back to Yoda:

I like Yoda

"I like Vader"




So at that....



I like turtles

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