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Maximum number of attacks w. Ferocity Form?


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Hi there, I was just curious as to how the Ferocity Form's (Juyo) additional attack plays out in the attacks per round maximum.


Is it mutually exclusive with something (speed, flurry, two weapons) that already grants an attack?


Is the maximum n. of attacks 6, then?




If attacks happened to be capped at 5, on the other hand, then this might very well be THE dueling form. Or, if if was mutually exclusive with two-weapon fighting.

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What I found ironic is that it is considered an even better lightsaber dueling form than makashi, but they specifically tell you not to use it against dark jedi.


If you fortify with energy resistance and force resistance powers there isn't really much to worry about since the attack rating can replace blaster bolt deflection (in fact that's what shien form V does) to send the bolts back at the target.


You may have to be a bit more methodical with this form because anyone who does survive the initial onslaught of your attacks or who can last more than 2 rounds against your attacks will have the distinct advantage in their counter attack. However, in the game itself the only 2 enemies who'll pose any kind of threat to you with force powers are Nihilus (if you aren't smart about how you fight him--then again, that's pretty much true in any case, any class, any form) and Traya.


In fact against Traya I have found no solid strategy to make form 7 juyo completely effective (without switching forms) except either you go in amped up (and pretty much hurry or skip the dialog), you use a WHOLE LOT of medpacs (which you probably would anyway since they recover more than master force heal), or you cut and run when you think you are about to get killed and recover to try again. Against her I'd suggest starting out either with Form 4 Ataru, form 2 Makashi, or if you let her charge in at you, form 3 soresu and let the auto attack whittle her down until she starts using more serious powers. Against the floating lightsabers Either form 1 shii-cho or form V shien until there is only one left, then switch to a one-on-one form.


For the most part, form 7 Juyo can lay waste to just about anyone.


Atris and Darth Sion use it, but it is far from optimized for either one of them. Sion can also switch from form 7, to form 2 makashi if you use powers and your charisma isn't high enough to do a whole lot of damage.


Against multiple enemies I'd suggest either find some way to lure them after you through mines to weaken them, use an adhesive grenade and take them out like that, or chip away at their numbers one at a time.


So far as jedi masters:

Kavar: Tougher than any of the other forms but he isn't really all that hard to beat.

Vrook: This guy is normally one of the toughest characters to beat in the game with the other forms, but using this one, it surprisingly makes him easier to beat because it saps his normally high defense against force powers. It doesn't make his lightsaber strikes significantly stronger.

Zez Kai-Ell: THIS one you want to watch out for with form 7. In this situation he is even harder to beat than Vrook in most other situations. He has critical hit which is instant kill with Juyo. That and his strikes are much stronger now. 2 or 3 normal hits and you die. Thrust out with a force power that will stun him. If he is charging at you in the beginning, your powers will succeed. If he is standing still, they will fail and you're S.O.L.

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