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My server does not show in serverlist..


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Do you have the jko 2 patch 1.04 installed !!! it is always recomended for servers







P.s welcome to the forums l see you are new here



Yes, I have the 1.04 installed. :thmbup1:

I have opened ports: 28060-28062 and 28070-28081, and I'm pretty sure thats all the ports I need to open.. I even tried to disable all the firewalls that could block anything, still didn't show up in the serverlist. :S


Thank you, battle111. :)

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Okay, so I figured out the problem, but I still don't know how to fix it.


The masterservers are recieving the wrong ports. :

The port should be 28070 behind the IP









Anyone know how to fix this?

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