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Restore the Statues


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Spoiler alert - don't read all of this post if you are worried about spoilers. This is a very mild spoiler at best, but the warning has been issued.


Anyone else enjoy the Restore the Statues mission on Corellia in Axial Park? A trooper sent me out to eliminate the Mandalorian forces, and as a bonus to also please reactivate the Holo Statues of the heroes of the Republic. I was surprised to find out those statues were of

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Revan, Bastila, Jolee Bindo, Zalbaar, Mission Vao, Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, & Juhani. I think I got a screen shot of Revan, but I'm at my work computer and currently don't have access.


A nice little KotOR easter egg.

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Yes, I loved it too. I asked for some additional background back in mid-2012 when BioWare had weekly Q&A. Hall Hood was gracious enough to provide that.




Char_Ell: What is the backstory of the seven pillars on Corellia commemorating the heroes of The Jedi Civil War in BTC 303 (Revan, Bastila, Carth, Canderous, Juhani, Mission, Zaalbar)? How did the people of Corellia arrive at the decision to build the pillars?


Hall Hood (Lead Writer): Monuments to these great heroes who saved the entire Republic were constructed on multiple Core Worlds after the war’s end. The motivations behind these memorials differed from planet to planet. Some were built by politicians cynically displaying their patriotism, while others were created by artists and refugees seeking to honor their saviors. Corellia’s pillars, like its many museums, were built as much for tourism as a sincere display of Republic solidarity. Trivia note: a beautiful monument to the heroes stood outside Coruscant’s Galactic Senate building for nearly three centuries, but was destroyed by Sith Empire forces during the planet’s sacking.

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