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BCC: AU: The Trayus Legacy


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The galaxy has entered a new age of darkness and tyranny. DARTH TRAYA may have been defeated upon the dark planet of Malachor V, but this ultimate wound in the Force remains intact. The JEDI EXILE has ascended the dark throne of the Trayus Academy, followed by the remaining Sith marauders and assassins whom she had not slain. In order to cement her reign of terror, the Exile must find and subdue one more piece of a galactic puzzle: DARTH REVAN. To that end, she is prepared to enlist and enslave anyone. Those who venture to the consummate crucible of Malachor V may never return...


NAME: Vyshe, now known as Darth Velatrix, Lady of Power

AFFILIATION: Formerly the Jedi Exile, now affiliated with the Sith

APPEARANCE: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/126-non-ponytailed-pfhc07/

AGE: 37

WEAPONS: Two silver lightsabers with a reddish outer aura

SPECIALIZATIONS: Jedi Sentinel/Sith Marauder

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: A postmortal connection to her former Master, and the preternatural ability to form Force bonds

WEAKNESSES: Pride, and a mysterious illness she can't diagnose

ROMANCE?: The Sith celebrate passion and attachment, so you bet!

BEAST COMPANION: A Krayt dragon larva that she's tamed

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Hehe, no, not worried about that really. Just hoping others, at least a few, will join. I'd like to stretch my imagination muscles a bit, and an RP is a good way of doing that; especially considering how long it's been since I've participated in one.


NAME: Enoch Zeszh; Darth Custodiet, The Watcher


APPEARANCE: Masked & Armored; Bust

AGE: 40

WEAPONS: A rare Darksaber; Red bladed Lightsaber Pike

SPECIALIZATIONS: Master Sith Assassin

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Heightened natural senses attuned to a strong natural use of shatterpoints and their detection (and exploitation); Amazing tact, cunning, guile & wisdom

WEAKNESSES: Besides basic Force abilities, and those utilized by Inquisitors & Assassins, he strains in using the Force, and can even find himself stressed or exhausted after utilizing it's use in any great way - this is in fact because his connection to the Force itself is amazingly minute, and for him to draw upon it can take great strain and effort. The shear skills and talents he has, with the position he holds, was acquired through either absolute force of will, or natural (and rare) affinities provided to him, almost ironically, through what Force connection(s) he does have. He is seldom, if ever, trusted - nor does he. Common traits among most Sith, but with him, it is unique - one can't turn their back on an assassin after all, and though most of the more common ones serve swiftly and diligently, perfect little puppets to their Lords and Masters, a Master Sith Assassin holds far more autonomy and an obvious, and oft dangerous, grasp of ambition.

ROMANCE: He is not beyond it, though he does not actively seek it, he would have to be pressed, or see signs/hints before he himself would take any actions upon himself. Meek on the subject however, as he is not driven by passion (some believe this to be attributed to his minimal Force connection, as it would also limit the driving forces that normally fuel the average Sith - most, if not all, Sith would consider this a weakness, while other, wiser Sith, see it as a strength - fewer still might say both), but by a surprisingly more mundane and even passive view/approach of attachment through actual emotional connection.

BEAST COMPANION: A beast? What assassin needs a beast!? Enoch serves better alone, from the shadows (or at the right/left hand) of whomever he may serve.

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I've been looking to get back into the RPs :)


NAME: Blint Grayson, The Machine

APPEARANCE: http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/2/2d/Soldier_Reborn.jpg

AGE: 38

WEAPONS: Cybernetic Enhancements (legs, spinal cord, neural enhancements, eyes and arm), most prominently his prosthetic arm carries a hidden wrist blade and twin blasters.

SPECIALIZATION: Scout and Tech Specialist.

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Hacking and Cyber Warfare, Cybernetic Enhancements that have heightened his speed, senses and strength.

WEAKNESSES: Though incredibly strong willed against Force Influence, even Blint cannot withstand a fully trained force user.

Even with his cybernetic enhancements, he is very susceptible to Force Lightning - as it can interfere with his hardware. His psych profile also

suggests him struggling with his humanity after his surgery.

ROMANCE: Before he crash landed on Malachor V, and patched up with his cybernetic enhancements, Blint was a tech specialist and a proud family man on Telos. But after losing his family during the destruction of Telos, Blint keeps his emotional distance and is very hesitant with forming close companionship with anyone.

BEAST COMPANION: His astromech droid, D3-R4; salvaged after his crash land.

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Don't think any other RP'ers, new or old, will be joining us at the moment at least. Most people think the DTC is dead, and with good reason. I've lain out a bit of bait for Cyborg, but he's his own person, whether he takes interest and resurfaces is entirely on him. Life keeps you busy after all.


Until people actually start taking notice of active RP's in the DTC, thus piquing interest, I doubt we'll see many takers, as most will think any RP's that do take flight in here will be doomed to bright, yet short, lives. I think three people is enough, we know each other well enough -and it's the RP minimum as-of the rules of the forum - so if we're patient and do a good job of keeping this/it going, we might see some more people show up, or even join.

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NAME: Alana


APPEARANCE: Dark blue colored Twi'lek with violet eyes and a scar going down the left side of her face.

AGE: 26

WEAPONS: One violet Lightsaber

SPECIALIZATIONS: Is a near master with a lightsaber while somewhat lacking in using the force itself as a weapon.

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Able to sense things that normally can't be sensed in the force. Droids, mechanical traps and other things of the like.

WEAKNESSES: Lack of training in the use of the force itself as a weapon. She is much better with a lightsaber then with the force itself.




With your permission I would like to create a character that follows the light side, not a jedi but a character who believes that the sith are evil and is determined to destroy them at any cost.


NAME: Tylon Halcron


APPEARANCE: 7'3 human with ice cold blue eyes and black hair. Has scars going down most of his body from encounters with sith that he has killed.

AGE: 33

WEAPONS: Double bladed silver lightsaber

SPECIALIZATIONS: Nearly completed training as a battle master before the order was nearly wiped out.

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Above average physical strength along with above average strength in the force and a drive to see the sith wiped out

WEAKNESSES: Over confidence in his own abilities



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Yes I have an excuse to use Daimonos again!


NAME: Daimonos; the Occultist


APPEARANCE: Arkanian. Long, flowing white hair. Tall and lean. Very pale. (Disregard pistol. Pistols are dumb.)

AGE: 43

WEAPONS: A dull yellow lightsaber; Force-imbued Sith blade; the Force

SPECIALIZATION: Sith Alchemist/Sorcerer

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Near unparalleled knowledge in long-lost arts of Sith alchemy are various black magicks.

WEAKNESSES: His skill with the blade is rather poor, at least compared to his Force abilities. Used to be much better in years past. There is a high possibility that Daimonos suffers from some form of mental degradation (possibly megalomania). Has a tendency to make many uncomfortable due to being a death worshiper.

ROMANCE: No interest whatsoever.

BEAST COMPANION: Any sort of sithspawn. Has a preference for tuk'ata.


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As the name suggests, its Cyborg...but like 2.0 or something like that.



AFFILIATION: Whoever pays the best

APPEARANCE: Vex unarmored Vex's armor (Ignore the zabrak in the armor XD) Vex also wears a pair of goggles on her head, and never a helmet

AGE: 32

WEAPONS: Twin blaster pistols, A blaster carbine, a jetpack for mobility, and a few thermal detonators.

SPECIALIZATIONS: Bounty Hunter, Marksmanship

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Vex's teamwork and bond with Cyn make them a very skilled bounty hunting duo

WEAKNESSES: Arrogance, Greed, close quarters combat

ROMANCE?: Vex wouldn't mind






AGE: 7

WEAPONS: No weapons. Vex has updated him to combat jedi/sith by giving Cyn small energy shields that can be activated on his forearms and shins. The shields are strong enough to block lightsabers but cannot phase them out

SPECIALIZATIONS: Bounty Hunter, Unarmed Expert

SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Cyn's teamwork and bond with Vex make them a very skilled bounty hunting duo

WEAKNESSES: Distance combat, being mean to people, dependency on Vex

ROMANCE?: What is it?


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I will be posting today, no worries. I wanted to the other day, but couldn't get onto LF all day. I thus proceeded to sleep all day yesterday, literally, I didn't wake up till 5 this morning.


Edit: How does she know his name...? He knows who Vyshe is because he's called 'The Watcher', he's been observing her since she set foot on Malachor, not to mention he most likely approached Darth Traya at some point before their conflict and discussed things with her. Lol.

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By the way, Archon, you're not the only one who's rusty at RP'ing. (LOL) I took out the part where Vyshe/Darth Velatrix knew Enoch's name "psychically". It's a bad sign if one week before your online writing course starts, you have brain farts like that - at least in my case.


Carry on!

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Well I kinda fixed the issue of her knowing his name in my post after said fact, but it was still post-matter, as it were. :p


Beyond being rusty at RP'ing, my poorly structured everythings come from a great deal of time spent not reading books (unfortunately), and a muddled brain thanks to a seriously whacked-out sleep schedule. That, and the more time I spend single and alone I find myself ruminating and brooding in far more logistical and objective manners, until my creative side has gone all but stale and everything I express outwardly in spoken or written/typed form comes out like, well, THIS!!


Still, online writing courses sound interesting and possibly fun. Hope you enjoy them and that things go well for you. :)

Just, try to work out the kinks beforehand, don't want any major lapses showing up while working on potential essays & creations in the future, lol!

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by the way guys, I'll just point out that my character(s) were inside the Academy - not where the destroyed ship is. Vasere's lab was inside the academy where he was working on Blint. Then he came to join the others outside.


... I'm not sure how you want to go about this? Do you just want me to play along and disregard the fact his lab was inside the academy? Or should I edit my posts to try and fix the continuity error?

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Well my character (the mentally messed up, amoral Sith occultist/wizard) just landed on Malachor. Maybe you guys could try and find a way to implement him into it so that it makes sense why they're just venturing off? The guy gives off a very creepy and twisted aura haha.

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