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How to fix the Windows 7 chrash of Swkotor 2?


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Hi everyone,


I have the Star Wars. Knights of the Old Repulic 1 and 2. The 1st works fine, with no crashes.

But the 2nd part (The Sith Lords) crashes every time after I choose my character and then click on Play. I hear the alarm sound, then the game crashes.

I tried combatibility changes (Windwos 7, Vista, XP 2-3, but it does not solve the problem. I also tried the windowed mode but then the gmae still does not work. And I also disabled movies using the notepad.


I have 800x600 resolitions set. My computer's default is 1440x900

I have Windwows 7. And an Intel GMA driver


I would appreciate if you can help me solving the crash. I rellay liket the Part one, and of course, i would really like to play the Sith Lords, too.

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