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Issues with old accounts


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Back in the day I had a "Rum Rogers" (no underscore) Mojo account that I used for both commenting on the homepage news and (rarely) for the forums.


I'd forgotten the password and never got an email back, then decided to create another account and for some reason I managed to associate to it the same email address I used for the old account.


ATMachine's also having a similar problem but he can't even create a new one, so he can't post here.


Could any admin give me access to my old account and maybe help ATMachine retrieving his old password?




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The account for Mojo comments was and is completely separate from the forums account. If you PM me the e-mail address you used in both places, I can try to find the accounts and give you access again.

ATMachine has been approved manually so he should be able to log in now.

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Thanks! But it wasn't my password that was the problem - it seems like confirmation emails for anything (changing email addresses, signing up for a new account, etc) just aren't being sent. And if you try to update your email address, it locks you out of the forum until you click on the link from the nonexistent confirmation email.

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