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  1. I just wanted to see how much you would waffle on to get the last word.
  2. Hi everyone! https://www.twitch.tv/mixnmojo/ - Does anyone know who nabbed this before us? I figured since the avatar is el pollo diablo, it's not someone completely unfamiliar with Mojo. The reason I'm asking is to see if it's possible if we could have the username since the account hasn't streamed in a decade.
  3. Anyone else getting only silence for the first second in Firefox today? It cuts off earlier than Chrome.
  4. Some random Z. I had no idea this existed.
  5. I have the ad sheet for Outlaws which doesn't have the bullet holes, but it's in storage so I won't be able to scan it for a couple of weeks.
  6. That could be it. I also quite enjoy Knights of the Old Republic.
  7. The face of everyone who has read through this thread.
  8. The MI2 CD version is just the floppy version with copy protection removed (which also removes lite mode since that and the copy protection screen is in the same "room") and with the ability to run it from CD while storing save games on the HDD. Unlike MI1, there are no separate EGA and VGA releases of MI2. That video you posted up there just runs MI2 in EGA mode along with the PC speaker soundtrack, which lacks most of the music, but where the end credits medley is different. The Adlib and MT-32 soundtracks are both complete.
  9. With all the loading and disk swapping between screens, most of the imuse stuff must have fallen apart. Hard to sync the transitions from outside Woodtick to the boats when you have to replace disks going to and fro.
  10. They brought in Chris Hülsbeck to do the MI1 music conversion for the Amiga port. The MI2 port plays variations of the MT-32 MIDIs with a common sample bank so there wasn't as much care put into that one.
  11. MI2 is safer in that respect. Both the animation where you nail Stan in the coffin and the one where you replace the flags at the spitting contest are run at 30 fps. The only place where the game sets the framerate to unlimited is when the wheel at the alley casino starts spinning. The script then lowers the framerate to make the wheel spin slower until it stops.
  12. We've heard you about the reactions and have updated them to hopefully make things better! Rolling Eyes has remained, but is now a neutral reaction so it doesn't remove reputation points anymore.
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