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  1. We think we have found the source of the Javascript problems. I have this Jedi Knight sell sheet which has a painted version of the scene that appears on the actual box: Do you know if the full version ever appeared anywhere? I saw you haven't included it in the poster list, but maybe you have some leads.
  2. Some good samples in there. To be pedantic, I see you didn't credit Clint Bajakian who actually composed the majority of the game. Michael Land talked about it briefly on Telarium's now gone Michael Land page: "I didn't really do anything at all on Sam and Max (I think I may have done one piece, if that). Peter McConnell did a lot of initial sketches of themes early on, and Clint Bajakian took it from there and pretty much scored the bulk of the game by himself."
  3. Yeah, they're at about A4 size, but the paper looks nicer than the cardboard used on the boxes. I have the posters for Ballblazer, Rescue on Fractalus, and Rebel Assault as well, but those will be a bit more difficult to scan since my scanner is A4.
  4. I have the sell sheets for Outlaws, Afterlife, Indy Desktop Adventures, Ballblazer Champions, Star Wars (NES, two variants), The Empire Strikes Back (NES), Full Throttle, Curse of Monkey Island, X-Wing, X-Wing plus expansions, TIE Fighter, Defender of the Empire, Dark Forces, and Pipe Dreams. Several of them have this template with the box art: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LucasArts-REBELLION-Star-Wars-software-sell-sheet/373314157935 Some of them have custom art. I'm planning to scan them across the next couple of weeks to put in Mojo's collection of PR materials but I can send you un
  5. Wow, that looks a lot better! What are your sources for the Outlaws box art? I've been going through my LucasArts PR materials and I have the one sheet for Outlaws and a few other games that may yield a bit more quality than the boxes? The Outlaws one doesn't have the bullet holes.
  6. And combined with the fact that only about 10 lines out of 12000 were changed, it shows how out of proportion the reactions have been.
  7. Yeah, does anyone know what happened to the back painting?
  8. After the last update, our forums are now available on the Communities by Invision app! Up till now, you've been able to post using the regular mobile browsers, but the app is supposed to be a better (or at least become a better) alternative. It also lets you subscribe to threads and the forum to receive notifications. Invision made a common app for all forums running their software which means you'll have to search for The International House of Mojo forums on the app and then log in. We don't have any control over the layout for now as it uses the default templates in the app. It
  9. We have the files collected from various backups. Afraid I can't help you with LogicDeluxe's recordings as we didn't host those. Highland Productions is already available as that was mainly a MIDI-based site: https://highland.mixnmojo.com/ I plan to consolidate the various digital recordings under one site but there's still some work left on that. All my recordings were in the Ogg Vorbis format which never took off. I also have much better recording equipment now than I did 12 years ago so I intend to re-record my stuff and make it available in FLAC and MP3. That includes the
  10. It happened due to some template changes in the latest version. We're looking into it.
  11. Did a cleanse and the guide sites are now up and running again: https://curse.mixnmojo.com https://indyguide.mixnmojo.com https://loom.mixnmojo.com https://miguide.mixnmojo.com A lot of them had trojans and various Javascript hidden in the files because the security at LFN was like a sieve.
  12. It could be a reference to ABBA. An easy one to make with a musical scale and four notes. His feelings on the group is pure speculation on your part. And this is where you enter A Beautiful Mind territory.
  13. I can't remember when we first posted about them. 6 years ago?
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