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  1. It could be a reference to ABBA. An easy one to make with a musical scale and four notes. His feelings on the group is pure speculation on your part. And this is where you enter A Beautiful Mind territory.
  2. I can't remember when we first posted about them. 6 years ago?
  3. People don't behave according to how they should in your mind. You're not God. You can't base entire theories on how you think people behave in every situation and take every deviation of that as proof that something nefarious is going on.
  4. It's left as a joke. Try to type "smash cave" and the game replies with ""Maybe next game. We're behind schedule."
  5. Here's a rarity from my collection. Anyone else have this one? It's the limited edition of X-Wing on a golden CD. It was available through The Adventurer for people who owned the floppy disk version of the game. If you mailed Lucasarts a proof of purchase of the floppy version and $50, you would get the golden CD version instead of the regular one.
  6. TIE Fighter is the other common one.
  7. It would be great to get a good look at that proposal. Let's hope he posts more.
  8. So LucasLearning was working on some library-themed edutainment product? Anyone have any idea what it was?
  9. We haven't heard anything about any more remasters since Full Throttle.
  10. I'll go through the hosted sites in a week or so when I have some time again.
  11. The account for Mojo comments was and is completely separate from the forums account. If you PM me the e-mail address you used in both places, I can try to find the accounts and give you access again. ATMachine has been approved manually so he should be able to log in now.
  12. Have you tried scanning an original TIE Fighter poster? I wonder if that one is in a higher resolution. I have one, but my scanner is A4 so it'll be a bit of work to get it all scanned properly.
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