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  1. MI2 is safer in that respect. Both the animation where you nail Stan in the coffin and the one where you replace the flags at the spitting contest are run at 30 fps. The only place where the game sets the framerate to unlimited is when the wheel at the alley casino starts spinning. The script then lowers the framerate to make the wheel spin slower until it stops.
  2. We've heard you about the reactions and have updated them to hopefully make things better! Rolling Eyes has remained, but is now a neutral reaction so it doesn't remove reputation points anymore.
  3. It was a nice break between all the shouting.
  4. Sell it on ebay for 3 times the price, presumably.
  5. Yeah, having two different arrangements of each piece was a really odd decision to make. You can "fix" it by messing with the rips of the CD audio tracks when playing in ScummVM, though. Just double up the good arrangements or make the second ones silent.
  6. The FM Towns version has the VGA graphics, but keeps the unabridged dialogue since it has not speech. It's an interesting middle ground.
  7. When I looked into this thread, I thought I'd be reading about Loom. Instead I found another discussion about political correctness in Mi2 and people talking about pretend nazis. The last few posts were people trying to continually get the last word in, which only served to aggravate the others. I deleted all of that to get things back on track because I honestly thought you would all take the hint and move on. I'm sorry for overestimating you.
  8. So, about that Loom rumour, eh?
  9. Yeah, not too happy about the SEs effectively replacing the originals. The most revolutionary part of MI2 was the dynamic music, and there's no official version out there with any of that intact. They couldn't even record the loops they did for classic mode correctly.
  10. After Valve made having your game collection be public an opt-in feature instead of opt-out, those statistics sites have become wildly unreliable, especially with smaller games. They usually take the amount of people playing a game and make a wild guess.
  11. We're looking into it. Nothing's changed server-side for us so figuring out the error is a bit difficult.
  12. That's a great looking collector's edition! I signed up for Nintendo's developer program a while ago and I had to sign an NDA that prohibits me from disclosing details of their SDK and API. That'd crash with the GPL, which ScummVM is licensed under, since it requires any published modifications to ScummVM to also be released in source code form. Back in 2009, Atari tried anyway and there was much lawyering: http://sev-notes.blogspot.com/2009/06/gpl-scummvm-and-violations.html
  13. The img files are images of the original floppy disks. They can be opened in DOSBox with the IMGMOUNT command. You can then install the games to your HD. Kryoflux images are a complete record of the magnetic field of the floppy disk platters. They can be used to create clones of the original disks with a Kryoflux device and floppy drive.
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