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I've released new versions of 4 programs:


Double Fine Explorer adds support for the .isb files in Psychonauts so it can play all music/speech/sfx and fixes some minor issues with the main .pkg bundle. See the readme for more information.


Telltale Music Extractor, Telltale Speech Extractor and Telltale Explorer now all support The Walking Dead Definitive Series and the wonderful Sam & Max Save the World remaster.


Download links on the software page.

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Bringing this back up, I was wondering if you could add a functionality to the DoubleFine Explorer that, when extracting tile-based images, correctly stitches them together. I am especially looking for a way to get a full rip of the DOTT:R concept art gallery. The filenames themselves contain the coordinates of each tile (to make thing unnecessarily difficult, they overlap by 4 pixels), but I don't know enough about coding to use the info myself.

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I made a Python script to do it for MI1+2 Special Editions, when Marius wanted them for one of his videos. It also turns out when I used it that there was a bunch of concept art from the DVD that we didn't have in the Mojo galleries. Come to think of it I'm not sure that ever got added to Mojo.


I'll look at adapting the script for the DOTT tiles.


Ideally I would add the tile-stitching feature into Doublefine Explorer and Monkey SE Explorer but the programs aren't really designed for displaying images like that, every time I've started to add it I've got annoyed at the amount of refactoring it needs and not bothered.

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