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  1. Certainly, if someone shares cd images of it. We've never been able to track it down beyond seeing it on ebay.
  2. Ogg tracks are for ScummVM, with DREAMM you'll need to import the original cd image.
  3. I think you can rip the N64 soundbanks into a soundfont. Maybe try doing that and then playing the midi using that soundfont.
  4. For CMI we have cd images for all except Russian and Korean. I think Russian is a fan translation and as you've found, just a rip for Korean. We do not have Chinese EMI and Grim. I'm not sure about Grim being an official release. I know there was a Grim Chinese fan translation and it seems unlikely they would have gone to all that trouble if there was an official version available.
  5. As elTee said, Fate of Atlantis Japanese is the big remaining missing one but there's also some games for which there are ripped copies but not disk images. (Ripped refers to a copy of the files from when the game has been installed). Disk images are much better for preservation and its easier to tell if they've been modified. If you have any of these games or know someone who does please let us or Aaron know. Do you have any of these? Disk images wanted for: Curse of MI PC Korean LastCrusade PC Ega French v1.3 (CD version) LastCrusade PC Ega Spanish v1.4 [1990-04-20] 6x360kFloppy (There's a v1.4b version of this from 1990-05-09 but there are already disk images of that) Loom PC Ega Hebrew 6x360kFloppy Lucasarts Adventure Pack (a Japanese compilation that included Fate of Atlantis, Indy Desktop Adventures and TheDig) ManiacMansion PC Enhanced French v1.0 1x720kFloppy MI1 PC Ega French 4x720kFloppy MI1 PC Ega French 8x360kFloppy MI1 PC Ega German 4x720kFloppy MI1 PC Vga French v1.0 [SPUTM v5.0.16] 8x720kFloppy MI1 PC Vga French v1.0 [SPUTM v5.0.18] 4x1.4MFloppy SamAndMax PC Spanish v1.2 7x1.4MFloppy Zak PC Enhanced French 3x360kFloppy Zak PC Enhanced Italian 2x720kFloppy Zak PC Enhanced Spanish 3x360kFloppy
  6. Saw this today and thought of this thread: https://en.todocoleccion.net/video-games-pc/monkey-island-2-le-chucks-revenge-edicion-arte-limitada-personalizada~x372703554 The price is ridiculous of course, but its nicely done.
  7. A basic example of that here https://skynetde.github.io/scummvm-shader-comparison/
  8. For posterity I am answering my own question, there was indeed a BBS contest demo. Its the non-interactive demo that we already have. That demo that we have is unpacked, the original was in an installer file and came with README.TXT and CONTEST.TXT that explain the competition. Here they are: README.TXT: Thanks for downloading the Day of the Tentacle demo. This demo has voice and music for those of you with a Sound Blaster or SB compatible. Adlib users will be able to hear the music only. To run the demo just type "install". Follow the onscreen instructions You will need 535k free memory. A small help file is available by typing dottdemo help. Be sure to enter our demo related contest for a chance to win this zany new game. CONTEST.TXT APRIL 15, 1993 "Read my suction cup . . . no more taxes!" Are you forking hard earned cash over to Uncle Sam? Elect Purple Tentacle ruler of the world, and never pay taxes again. After all, when tentacles come into power and humans are kept as pets, you'll never have to file another 1040 form (of course, you'll also be forced to sleep in a cage and do stupid pet tricks at human shows). Is this the warped ranting of a crazed, power-hungry politico? NO! It's the warped ranting of LucasArts Entertainment Company announcing its newest game, Day of the Tentacleª. This sequel to Maniac Mansion¨ is a wacky, interactive cartoon comedy in which you must stop tentacles from taking over the world. Controlling three off-the-wall kids (who wind up in three different time periods), you scramble to turn back time and prevent tentacle takeover. The IBM CD-ROM "Enhanced Edition" featuring the voices of professional actors throughout the game and the IBM disk-based version with a "talkie" introduction will be available this summer. CURIOUS??? Take a look at the Day of the Tentacle demo. Want to GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING when the government is sucking every penny out of you? Enter the Day of the Tentacle drawing and qualify to win a FREE Day of the Tentacle game. Here are the details: Answer the following three questions about the Day of the Tentacle demo correctly, and qualify for a drawing to win a free game: 1) Tentacles come in TWO designer colors. What are they? 2) Drinking toxic waste can make you . . . (a) Greener, more radioactive, (b) Smarter, more aggressive, (c) Deader, more inactive 3) Green Tentacle asks for what from Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie? (a) help, (b) money, (c) respect Mail your answers, along with your name, address and phone number to Green Tentacle, P.O. Box 10307, San Rafael, CA, 94912. No calls will be accepted. Deadline for entering is June 1, 1993. IMPORTANT: WRITE THE NAME OF THE BBS FROM WHICH YOU DOWNLOADED THE CONTEST ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR ENVELOPE. The drawing will run for 8 weeks, so you have 8 chances to win a free game (LucasArts will accumulate entries until the end of the contest). Winners will receive their games 3 to 4 weeks after the product's release this summer. Green Tentacle will contact winners by mail. ALL entrants will get a FREE Day of the Tentacle hint book and FREE shipping and handling WITH purchase of Day of the Tentacle ($59.95 for floppy or CD-ROM version) DIRECT from LucasArts. You can do this two ways: 1) Send a check for $59.95 with your contest entry, and specify which format you want ("CD" or "floppy"). LucasArts will pre- order the game for you, and send it to you with a free hintbook and no shipping or handling charge. REMEMBER -- the game releases this summer, and you can expect to receive it in the mail 3 to 4 weeks after it releases. OR, 2) Call 1-800-STARWARS 1 to 2 weeks after you enter the drawing (gives LucasArts time to process your entry), and let LucasArts know you entered the Day of the Tentacle contest. Pre-order the game with your Visa or Mastercard, and when it comes in we'll send it to you with a free hint book and no shipping or handling charge. If you win a free game after you send LucasArts a check, we'll refund your money or not charge your credit card. IMPORTANT: To receive the free hint book and free shipping and handling, you must order the game by August 1, 1993. TAKE NOTE: No purchase necessary to enter. Only one entry per person, please. Winners consent to the use of the their name for promotional purposes. LucasArts Entertainment Company is not responsible for lost or misguided entries. Illegible entries will be disqualified. Employees of LucasArts Entertainment Company, Lucas Digital Ltd. and Lucasfilm Ltd. and their families are not eligible to enter.
  9. Sounds like something that could be done on Mojo maybe? In the past we have talked about doing things like that for the games database.
  10. Both Darkside detective games are great. Kroms recommended them to me ages ago and I've since completed them both.
  11. Me too. Monkey Island Heardle #298 🔉🟥🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ #MonkeyIslandHeardle
  12. Blondebeard's 25 year, long game has finally reached its end. I look forward to the announcements of Psychonauts 3: Razputin's Domain and iMuse Island the album.
  13. Done it, just sorting uploading to Mojo next. 👍
  14. I made a Python script to do it for MI1+2 Special Editions, when Marius wanted them for one of his videos. It also turns out when I used it that there was a bunch of concept art from the DVD that we didn't have in the Mojo galleries. Come to think of it I'm not sure that ever got added to Mojo. I'll look at adapting the script for the DOTT tiles. Ideally I would add the tile-stitching feature into Doublefine Explorer and Monkey SE Explorer but the programs aren't really designed for displaying images like that, every time I've started to add it I've got annoyed at the amount of refactoring it needs and not bothered.
  15. My guess is that FullMonkeyMap is the issue. From memory, I think the files are named the same on both cd's but have different contents. ScummVM makes you rename the files from both cd's and uses both. If someone patches it to make it work without the cd's then they also need to patch the FullMonkeyMap file (I don't have the gog version but I'm guessing this is what they've done in it). In my EMI Launcher program as part of the nocd patch I add this to 'Textures\FullMonkeyMap.imt'. I'm on a different computer right now so I cant check but I'm guessing its the contents of FullMonkeyMap from cd 2. https://github.com/bgbennyboy/Escape-From-Monkey-Island-Setup-and-Launcher/blob/master/EMI Launcher/uEMIConst.pas#L114
  16. For me Devil's Playhouse was the best Telltale game and one of my favourite adventures, its superb. Really looking forward to this.
  17. I've finally got around to doing a full release of Thimbleweed Park Explorer, or as its now known Dinky Explorer. Thanks mainly to the hard work of one man reverse engineering machine Jan Frederick it now fully supports ReMI, including images, sounds and decompiling the scripts. It even allows patching of the weird.dink script to do things like enabling debug mode features. I'm looking forward to seeing people create their own patches and sharing them. More details and download here.
  18. I think dinky is the scripting language, for ReMI the engine internally seems to be called WeirdEngine
  19. Its under heavy development at the moment , a lot of ReMI stuff has been added. I added support for dumping the audio a few hours ago. I'm not doing a new official release until I can think of a new name for it. Grumpy Explorer is one possibility, any other suggestions welcomed.
  20. We've been updating TP Explorer to add support for ReMI but its still a work in progress. Proper music dumping will come in the next release, I have it working manually but I done the code to do it automatically yet.
  21. Also the closeups are about 0.5% of the graphics in the game. Surely everyone loves that EGA sunset.
  22. I love this thread and much as it pains me to say it Remi is right, it's deffo #1
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