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The Best Way to Play Psychonauts

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I just remembered that I wrote this little guide a while back for the Steam forums. Thought I'd paste it here for posterity. Basically I found a couple of mods that really improve the PC experience. I highly recommend them if you're considering replaying Psychonauts on Windows any time soon. (I might even be able to find the time to upload the up-rezzed HUD and videos somewhere for my fellow forum chums,)

1. Fix the Aspect Ratio

Psychonauts supports widescreen monitors and high resolutions out of the box, but the cut-scenes (videos) and HUD got stretched in the process. This little mod fixes that:


That might be good enough for you, but if you want more...

2. Insert AI Upscaled Videos & HUD Textures

The 3D elements of the game still look rather good, but the UI never got a rez increase and they look really rough at higher resolutions. And the cut-scenes video look noticably lower resolution than your game... So why not use AI upscaled versions instead?




Forget HD texture resolution projects that never get finished. This is all you need to make Psychonauts its mostest excellent!


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24 minutes ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:

Forget HD texture resolution projects that never get finished.


Yep BUT if you want your textures to appear nicer I highly recommend using Reshade with moderation. There are some sharpening filters (AMD FidelityFX, Lumasharpen, Quint_sharpen) that can fake some added detail, just don't go overboard with them since they can make the image look aliased or "oversharp" if you're not careful. The SMAA of Reshade is pretty good too, you can mess around with the color balance / saturation too if you want etc.


I just wanted to mention this since Reshade gets a bad rep because of all those videos where dem kidz turn on all the blooms and fake HDRs in the world.

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