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  1. Ah, yes. I've heard stories. I can imagine someone (or their agent) getting upset if they're hired for "Mobster #4" but then they're suddenly credited as "Mafia Don". The agent would have negotiated a better rate if the role was more central or prestigious. So sticking to the contracted name makes sense to avoid upset. Reminds me of a story I remember hearing somewhere: One of the writers on The Simpsons told it. Apparently certain underhanded animated shows would occasionally try to get an actor for two shows for the price of one. The actors are just recording lines, so they don't
  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/tales-love-adventure That is all.
  3. Given that they sketched the characters, I wonder if they were supposed to be interactive within the game. It would have been a nice callback when they reappeared over the credits... but it also made sense without having met them first, too. Although, that said, it's obviously supposed to be years later, so maybe they just cut the visual and left it as voiceover. (Side note: And obviously the "frozen under the amusement park" is a reference to the urban legend that Walt Disney was frozen after this death.)
  4. For anyone struggling to download all 12 individually, here's a little tip: Scroll down and select "PDF" from the menu on the right.
  5. Yes, I was stuck on MI2 for months (or it felt like months when I was 12). Wouldn’t do that these days. You only need ScummVM to play all these games on a MacBook. But you may as well continue with the Xbox titles. They’re all good!
  6. Ha, that was quick! I'm guessing you used a guide? (Which is understandable given how frustrating some of the puzzles in MI2 are -- spit contest, monkey as a wrench, etc.) If you're going to move onto Curse of Monkey Island next you'll have yourself a lovely time, as the puzzles are more rounded, the interface is more polished, it's just an all round great experience. Arguably LucasArts's best... or damned close to. One tip: Unlike MI2, I would recommend playing the lower difficulty first and then moving on to "Mega Monkey" mode afterwards. Why? Simply because unlike M
  7. They all work really well. Their simplicity seems to add something, rather that detract. Lovely!
  8. Agh. I hope this really is a temporary message.
  9. YES, WELCOME NAIVE HUMAN!* * This is a reference to a game you have yet to play, but that I think you'll enjoy.
  10. The person behind this is so talented. The graphics are spot on. I wish I could play it!
  11. I've heard there were lots of niggles with the PS2 version as well. I also picked it up and didn't notice anything hugely terrible. I don't know if they're more subtle (controls not being responsive, etc) or if they fixed things for the PS4 version. I'd also like to know the major differences.
  12. I bought and read On Stranger Tides... Not bad, but I was surprised how little there was that was recognisable. I think it was basically the world that inspired Ron (pirates + voodoo). Still worth a read though.
  13. Lovely job. A vast improvement! But it's still my least favourite LucasArts (or TellTale) soundtrack. I could just never get behind this one.
  14. Personally it's give me pixels or nothing. I don't like any filters on retro games. I think your eyes adjust to pixels after a while. That said I do like the AI upscales of CMI's backgrounds. I'd love to see them added one day.
  15. This is super exciting! Thanks for doing this!
  16. Unobtainable wealth, the worst kind of wealth. It also implies that Big Whoop was actually treasure... it's just Guybrush slightly missed the mark. Probably just a joke for the hint book though.
  17. Looking at that image is the first time I noticed that Bosco is actually in a cage... Doh. That explains the dialogue then.
  18. I have to say Skunkape did a great job with that Steam patch update. Hopefully being so calm and transparent will diffuse the situation for most people, plus it was interesting to read. And making it clear that people will get the originals as free DLC should also make some happy, too. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1440440/view/2913231583179436796
  19. I had never heard of this until now. Thanks for the explanation Jason. Edit: I just scrolled up and saw the first post. Somehow I had previously missed this entirely. Interesting!
  20. If that were true, you wouldn't have made that statement in the first place. Any serious article on "white privilege" would have addressed your claim immediately. So either you're not as familiar with the arguments as you claim, or you are, and you made a deliberately provocative statement, knowing exactly what the response would be. It can't really be both.
  21. I agree with the majority of what you said, but not this sentence. Those two things are unrelated. Even if someone was contending that it's impossible for a white person to be meaningfully discriminated against in western culture, it's not the same as "forgetting" that disenfranchised white people, with little power, exist, which was the original argument. Although there are plenty of white people have little power, they are still generally better placed than a person of colour with little power.
  22. Her LinkedIn lists her primarily as a casting and performance director (also for TellTale, which I didn't realise) and you can see her directing the voice cast in the Broken Age documentary. I think she started as a sound editor, though.
  23. I also hated the voice acting in the SOMI SE. There were some obvious exceptions (the storekeeper, for example), but for the most part everyone seemed to be doing their best to do a "funny" voice. I literally had to stop playing because it drove me up the wall it was so bad. I don't know exactly what happened, or who was to blame. Also I thought Khris Brown was the person responsible for the LucasArts voice-acting from Hit the Road onwards? Or maybe it was just Grim Fandango onwards (ie. Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Broken Age -- Schafer's titles). There was certainly a marked impr
  24. It was a serious question. Your argument that the people who study and teach these things have never considered something as obvious as the fact that there are disenfranchised white people implies that you've not really taken time to understand the other side. (Of course such a thing exists, and of course it hasn't been forgotten.) Someone else here talked about how they were surrounded by people who didn't understand what the wider issue is and I wondered if you were the same. What country are you from? How old are you? You talk about your culture, but it's very hard t
  25. Are you making any effort to understand the arguments, or are you just living in a bubble of people who think like you?
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