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List your Computer Specs - Now and Then

Guest ZeroXcape

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Guest ZeroXcape

With so many people wondering whether they will be able to run JKII, everyone list your specs in this thread. List (A) What you have now and (B) what you'll probably have by JKII (next year.)


I personally have:


CPU: P3 1000 MHz


GFX: geForce2 GTS 32 MB DDR


At the end of summer, I'm purchasing:


CPU: P4 ~1700 MHz


GFX: geForce3 64 MB

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Guest ZeroXcape

Oh yes, add the connection speed you'll be on as well ;). I remember almost everyone was 56K when JK first came out; back then I thought my ISDN was nice heh.


4 months of the year: I'm cable.

8 months of the year: T3+

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At the moment i have.....

P2 233Mhz

64Mb Ram

GeForce 2 32Mb Ram DDR

4.2 GB Hard Disk

56K Internet connection

.....Which as you can see will no way run JK2 as minimum it will need a P2 450+


When the Athlon 1.5Ghz comes out i'll have a..

1.5Ghz Athlon (maybe even the 2Ghz if its out by the time JK2 is)

1024Mb of ram (two 512 Mb chips)

80Gb Hard Disk

and a GeForce 3 64Mb

Which ever internet connection i can afford after all this buying!!!!!

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I thought this thread was going to be about what you had when Jedi Knight came out and what you have now.


Back in the day, I had a PII 350 with a Pure 3D (Voodoo 1) board! That was the bomb for JK playing.


Now I have a Thunderbird 1 GHz with a GeForce SDR card.


[ June 03, 2001: Message edited by: Binary ]

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Currently I have,


P3 800

256mb of RAM

42gb HD

Geforce GTS II 64mb

Earthlink DSL


Seeing as how Quake III runs beautifully on my system and JKII will be using the Quake III engine, I won't have to make much of an upgrade.


P3 1.13ghz

256mb of RAM

Dedicated SCSI HD for Games

Geforce 3 Ultra

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Right now, I have, now don't laugh;

Pentium 200,

32MB ram,

Phoenix Voodoo 2 Banshee 16mb video

4.2GB hard drive,

running Win 95 Plus!

with my cable connection, that really helps.

I hope to have a 1.2 Ghz, at least 256MB ram, with about (no less than) 20GB hard drive, a GeForce Ultra videocard, and my cable connection upgraded to ISDN high speed when it becomes available...(talk about a luxury)LOL :rolleyes:

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Guest Boba Rhett


amd k6-2 450

196mb ram

8mb devoted to video.




Thinderbird or athlon 1800MHz "hopefully"

256mb sdram

Geforce 4 :D




Kumba, what do you need 1.5gb of ram for?! ;):D

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you wanna upgrade cable to ISDN!?!?

are you on crack? :eek:


my cable goes on average 350k/sec, with max about 1.2Mb/sec. my friend's ISDN goes 30k a sec at all times. You tell me which is better

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Comp 1:




PMMX 233 mhz

64 mb SDRAM

Unknown Video Card(non-3D)

22 gb hd




K-7 750 mhz

128 mb SDRAM

Better Video Card

30 gb hd


Comp 2:




K-7 750 mhz

128 mb SDRAM

Diamond Viper 2

30 gb hd




Athlon4 1.5 ghz-2.0 ghz

256 mb SDRAM(maybe RDRAM)

GeForce 3 or GeForce 2 Ultra DDR

60-80 gb hd


All comps will have some sort of broadband by JK2

Comp 1 currently has cable

Comp 2 does not have internet access



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Hey folks,




AMD Duron 800

128 MB RAM

30 GB HD

Geforce 2 MX




AMD Duron 800

256 MB RAM

30 GB HD

Geforce 2 MX



By the way, my old Jedi Knight I Specs (years ago) :)


P 133



Maxtrox Mystique 2 MB

33.6 Modem


;) what was your spec in jk1 times?

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When I first played jk

p2 266


ati rage II wif orchid rigchous(sp)


ath 500, 128mb, v3.

this time next year when I upgrade


2Ghz(hopes), 512mb atleast. g4 if g5s are coming out soon, or atleast a g3.. I was going to do step upgrades, but I will save up and get some cash from my 21st next year to buy it with :)


ohh and now and then, 5.5Mbit internet connection. at uni, 56k tho at home still :(


[ June 04, 2001: Message edited by: KillerBee ]

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lets see...


When jk first came out I had


CPU: P2 266 MHz


GFX: Voodoo3-2000

INT: 56k


Then about 2 yrs ago I upgraded to


CPU: P3 600


GFX: TNT2 Ultra

INT: cable(512k)


By the time JKII gets here I hope to have


CPU: P4 1.7 or higher

RAM: 128 or 256 MB RDRAM

GFX: GeForce 3

INT: somthing better than 512k cable

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When Jk came out I had A:

Cyrix Pr200mmx 48mb 60ns edo ram

Voodoo Banshee 16mb

A huge 2.1gb hd

24x cdrom

and a Very fast 33.6k connection

Some obsure sound card...


Now I have:

PIII 650 Oc'd to 806mhz on a 124mhz bus

512mb of PC133

2 Maxtor 40gb Ata100 Hds


Leadtek Geforce II Gts ddr 32mb

2 voodoo II's in SLI mode (these cards will probably be with me even when i got a P10000)

Sblive gamer

8 fans :D and a 350watt Power supply

Exteral Usb Dsl Modem 384k up 768k down


What I will have when JK II comes out

Either a AMD or INTEL @ 2ghz (JKII won't be out for a yr so 2ghz cpu's willprobably exist)

512mb of Either DDr or Rdram (depending on cpu)

Geforce 3+ (by then thier probably will be a geforce 4 or somthin with nvida makin new cards every 6months)

Same Dsl Modem

either same Cdrom 52x or i may spluge and not take it from my existing comp...

Probably same Hd's tooken from existing computer all my fans will probably be took from existing one too :D


This is my usualy upgrading Route heh i usualy don't spend more the 600$ on my new comp and add better parts to it slowy or not at all if the existing parts are good enough!



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  • K6-2 450
  • 128mb SDRAM (PC 100)
  • GeForce 2 MX
  • 56k


When JK II comes out:

  • 1Ghz-ish Duron/Athlon (not quite sure yet)
  • 192-256mb RAM
  • GeForce 2 MX
  • Probably still 56k (unless BT gets its act togather with ADSL) :mad:

That'll probably stretch my meager budget far enough.

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Voodoo 3 when JK first came out? You mean when you first played it I'm sure.


For the first 3 months I owned Jedi Knight I didn't even have a computer--I played it on the computer of the guy in the next dorm room over. Then I upgraded to the most powerful computer that anyone had at the time.


A Cyrix 200mhz with a whopping 64mb of RAM and a 6mb Voodoo Rush card.


I'm not even going to try to guess what I'm going to have when JK2 comes out since I upgrade some part of my computer every 3 months or so.

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  • 333 MHz 64 MB ram
  • 4 GB Hard-drive
  • Creative 3d Blaster Riva TNT AGP 32 mb


Very soon ( we already ordered ):


  • 1.2 GHz AMD Athlon 256 MB SDRAM
  • 30.6 GB Hard-drive
  • Creative 3d Blaster GeForce 2 Pro 64 mb


( and I will have that computer when Jedi Knight II comes out - good enough for me, and it will definetely run JKII smoothly :) )

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/me crys



166 MHZ

32 megs od RAM (Ya! Go me! ;) )

56k modem

Voodoo 2



On September 20th (My birthday) I should have atleast 1000 mhz 300+ RAM GeForce 2 etc.


I'll have a 56k modem for about another 3 years because Rogers or Bell Sympatico isn't putting Cable out here where I live for like 3 years... *cry*


Hey ZeroXscape - Wanna UPS me your computer when you get your new one? :D j/k

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When Dark Forces came out:

386 @ I don't remember how many

4 MB ram


30 MB HD


When Jk came out:



560 MB HD

Diamond Stealth (S3 Virge)



P3 800

256 MB ram

20 GB HD

GeForce 256 DDR


When JK2 will come out:

The same us above with more RAM and maybe a new GeForce...

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