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Is there anything more annoying...

C Shutt

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Well, getting a second phone line installed for the internet would solve that problem.


Shutt: The only reason I downloaded a DivX file was to test how our new service was. It was nothing flash. We had just gone satellite with Austar, and we were rather annoyed with the shoddy service. The movie was about 560MB in size, and it did take about 5 days.


AustarNet is supposed to have at least a 200KB+ per second transfer rate, we were downloading at about 1-3KB a second, which sometimes was worse than our old 33.6K modem. When I complained to Austar, they tried to tell me, that the problem was at my end, and had nothing to do with them. Lying bastards.


After trialing AustarNet for a month, we got rid of their service. Sometimes the transfer rates were quite high, about 200-250KB per second, and at other times (which was most of the time), rates were down to something like 4-5KB per second. We will not be going back to them until they have ironed out all the problems with their services. Until that happens, I'll be sticking with my old 33.6K modem.

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