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Snuckey's is on the road...


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...To something! I've actually done quite a bit of work on Snuckey's, but most of it is on the technical end, and invisible to the people who read the site. However, I have gotten a few more sections up, and the site's completion is in sight.


Newest Operational Sections:

Games: Featuring a silly word game I made in about 20 minutes.

The Show: Thanks to mercatfat, this section is on the road to greatness. There are guides up for several of the episodes, and there will soon be more.

Submit News: Yeah. Send us news. We love it.


Left to do:



Easter Eggs/In Jokes

Fan Art (send me stuff if you want)


There are also several sections that are in desparate need of updating, but I think I will try to get the other sections going before I go back and fix the ones that are there.

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