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"The American method would be to perhaps react vocally and immediately"

Doubleplus GC

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Well I got to shake Chuck's hand! Yes we are friends now, I call him Chaz.


Dude, he's really nice. Someone made a bracelet for him... a rather cheezy bracelet... and Mr. Palahniuk put it on, with a big grin on his face, and took a picture with the creaming giver. It was nice.


I got a picture with him too (heh, I might not show y'all cause I was damned sunburned from a nature hike this morning), plus got my copy of Choke and Lullaby signed. You think they're worth something now?

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I am liking Lullaby very much. Palahniuk's writing has been steadily improving, thugh the ideas are seeming a little less sharp and fresh (see also: me not liking Choke). Still, it's very good, much better flow than before.


Palahniuk is amazingly buff these days, but his handhshake was surprisingly painless. However, in my attempt not to clam up and be afraid to speak to him like everyone else was afraid of doing, I was just a dumb-ass and made some lame comment about how his arm must hurt from all the signing (dude, me = original, I bet he fell fucking in love with me). He was cool despite my lack of cool. So was that huge-ass white cat that I stared at through the whole reading.


Apparently he got so ripped in the first place because he used to take steroids. He quit and his friends didn't, which led to the testicular cancer theme from Fight Club.


In other news (news that relates a little more to the Aardman thread topic), I got my Amazon.com deliveries a few days ago, all Tery Gilliam-induced buying, which included a Brothers Quay DVD of royally screwed up stop motion brainfuckage, Tideland by Mitch Cullin (which I will read after Lullaby is done) and Watchmen (which I am reading in tandem with Lullaby).


I rock.

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Funny how we both got Chaz's autograph, huh GC? He was buff for sure. Steroids are crazy, they sure will make you buff and arrogant. I used to take them too...in fact, I still use hormones but that's a different story.


You're right about there being a lot of Choke fans! My conversation with Chaz was also cheezy, but cool in its own cheezy way. When he opened the book he saw this brochure I had forgotten about and left in there for a bookmark...you see, I was in Europe when I got Choke and my journeys took me to Berlin. I was searching for what was left of the Berlin Wall...yes I know it's knocked down...well I had a map saying a portion was still standing, so I took a train and wandered the dark, lonely, DARK, DESERTED STREETS in a miserable little town. Hillbilly south meets socialist west. Anyway, there was no fucking wall there, my map was years old, but I stumbled upon this one-night-only exhibit with dead body sculptures...I forgot the name of the artist but you might have seen his work, he was rumored to have used his wife's corpse as a subject for his sculpture. These sculptures all look like the image on Choke's cover so I used it as a bookmark.


Chaz recognized it and said he wanted to get the rights to use that on the cover of Choke, and that it would be very controversial.


I said, "That would've been perfect" and looked dumb.


The end. Back to studying.

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