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This is a short guide for Masters with questions. Sort of like a FAQ.




Q) How do I find a padawan?


A)To find a padawan, look for people whose posting seems a bit.....off...... then give them a nice PM saying who you are, who you are with, and what our mission is. Diplomacy is very key in these sort of issues. Another note, you can't force anyone to be your padawan, or force them into the academy.


Q) How do I know when my padawan is ready to graduate?


A)First, make sure they have at least 700 posts. Then look a little further. Keep track of their posting, and what the post is. If they havent posted anything spammy or flammy or anything else against the rules, they are ready.


Q)What if my padawan leaves me?


A) Within the limited time period, the padawan must talk to you or someone else inside LFJA some how. If they fail to do so, they are considered rogue and/or lost untill they return.



Q) What about playing online with my Padawan?


A)Playing online isn't exactly required, but it is recommended. You can play online with them to get a better feel about what type of person they are, and how they play, like if they play fairly or not.



Q)What about if the padawan wants to quit?


A) If they want to quit, let them. We cannot force anyone to stay within the LFJA.


Q) What if something happens if something goes wrong with my computer, and i cannot post?


A) Same thing as a padawan.


If any more quesitons arise, I will include them. ;)

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Hi Reaper:)Think this might've been the wrong thread to post in about this, but nevermind. Yes you can join the LFJA, if you so wish. In this thread there are 3 masters (KingPin, Padanime and Tyrion) who are looking for a new padawan. Post in there, and one of them will pick you:)Also be sure to check out the sticky threads, and sign up by filling out the application form, linked to in this thread.


Anyways thanks for being interested again:)





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