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Fork and Spoon


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i always wanted to learn flash, i had a copy of macromedia's flash but not being too computer savy could not really figure it out. I also lack the patience now to do stuff, and they sugguested split screens or 2 monitors one for the tool boxes and one to see what you are making. i wish there was a real easy application. Sanspoof has some 3d thinga mabob I saw one of his early test runs, I wonder sanspoof have you done more since?


*and yes i watched your thing gexx

just in case you were wondering*

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yes it takes time

and a computer application

to make it so you get half points

however three different people from

3 different continents

and 3 different age groups

did not get it.

do not be angry

we are just trying to tell you

honestly what we think since you asked

and I am sure voting at New grounds

will be much more harsher and critical

we members of this forum community

will be.

think of them as traininf exercises

to get good at flash and then throw

those puppies in the sea of lament

and let the octopus get them;)

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what you are doing is realy a good idea Gexx. if your first work is not so good and people comment on it, you'll get an idea of what people like, because you have to do a high wire balancing act between what you like and what people like. so keep at it, and like I said we will look at your work and try not to be too negative, but honest criticism is the only way you'll get good. just do things that are easy one example stick man flash stuff very simple but funny, sometimes great content can hide behind low res images but high res images that smell like shinola are still crapola! so keep at it and please don't get pissed at us really, believe me when you do something right and people say as Ron Weasley would say

"that was bloody brilliant!" the moment will have so much more meaning.


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