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Adventures of The Associates


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Ack'tor looked at his wrist tracker. She's escaped he thought to himself. A muscular Armalat stepped on board as he attempted to take off. "Hey!" he screamed, "Land and pay, or don't land at all! You landed! Pay now! Now!" Ack'tor, never one with communication skills, took out his blaster and shot, barely missing him, but knocking ihm out of the ship. As Ack'tor lifted off, he heard the Armalat screaming, "You will Pay! Pay! I will send Bounty...Bounty Hunters! You pay...Pay!" Knowing he had no time time to lose, set course for Correlia, for he knew the terrain there better, so he could hide.


OOC: I did this for BH's to come. If any want to ok, if no, I'll run from "NPCs"

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OOC: sorry to double post, but this wouldn't really work in 1 post.


Ack'tor rushed to the navicomputer. He set the coordinates again. Nothing. Just the time for it to malfunction he thought. Barely an hour in hyperspace and he already had to jettison. This bucket of bolts had never really suited him anyways. He found this as an opprotunity to get rid of his ship to keep the bouny hunters away for a while. He found a death stick on the floor, those things seemed to pop up every where around his ship. He brake it, the red liquid falling all over the floor. He lit a match and lit it on fire. It should take about 15 seconds to explode. Ack'tor rushed to the escape pod. 10... The door was jammed! He blasted it 5 times and it just broke. He jumped in. 3... Ack'tor fused the door shut, or what was left of it. 2... He searched for the eject button. 1... He punched it. 0 The ship exploded, and the end of the escape pod broke off. Ack'tor held his breath, hoping that he would land on the grassy planet below, since he had no steering controls. No longer to be able to hold his breath, Ack'tor jumped and free fell. He had about 10 seconds to live.

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