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Adventures of The Associates


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OOC: Well I figured someone should create a thread about how The Associates were formed and created on Corellia. You guys can edit and add to whatever you wish, I'm just gonna type what I know.




A heavily modified Blockade Runner loomed over the horizon of a quiet city of Corellia. The passengers slowly dispersed from the landing platform and made their way. Among these beings was a male human named Tomar Zanarkan. Weeks had passed since he had escaped from his family and gone free-lance to become a smuggler. Tomar figured that if he kept a low profile and only worked with scum that the more prestigious individuals of this area wouldn't recognize him.


If I want work I'm gonna need someone or something to work for...


The holosign of a nearby Cantina caught Tomar's attention.


I bet I can meet a few guys in there that can get me work


Checking his belt holster for the D-11 Blaster a friend had given him for new lunar year, Tomar entered the cantina.

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OOC: I'm continuing this rpg...


IC: The familiar smell of he cantina brought back good memories. He hadn't been to the cantina for 2 months because he had been on the other side of the planet being a guide for a group of tourists.

Yes, these are the days I will cherish...

Humphry spotted a newcomer to the bar.

Hello sir, I noticed you're new here, do you need any help?

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Ack'tor stumbled into the cantina. Ah, my old sanctuary, thank god . He had a knack for finding conversations that might intrest him, even without listening in. He walked up to two strangers who looked to be introducing themselves. He kept one hand on his blaster just in case. He scanned the two of them first. He saw a peculiar mark on one of their legs, but he knew what it was. He pointed his blaster at him a exclaimed, "Drop everything, put your hands up and come here. NOW!"

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Humphry quick and leaped onto a table and grabbed his Prax Dart shooter. The stranger shot three laser blasts at him. One struck his leg and he toppled over shooting his Prax dart gun at the stranger several times. Two darts struck the stranger and he fainted. Limping back to Tomor he said, Are you all right?

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OOC: I don't think you can kill, or stun etc. people without giving them a post to react, etc. Also, use IC names.


IC: Ack'tor lay on the ground, pretending to be parylzed. This guy knew darn well why he raised his blaster. He quickly crawled along the ground and grabbed him by the ankles.

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OOC: K, let's start again when I walked in (just walked in, none of the "good at finding convo" stuff)


IC: Ack'tor walked up to two strangers. Putting a tube of red liquid in his mouth and lighting it, he asked them "Ya wanna buy some death sticks?"

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A young Bothan quietly signals Humphry over to a corner table. As Humphry sits down with the Bothan, he taps a few buttons on his datapad, and a damponing field surrounds the table. You know, dealing in spice openly will only bring problems onto yourself, friend. Lowering the Field, he ask What brings you to the core?

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What we talk about goes no further than this table. I have lived all my life on Correlia. I hate the Imperials here. They killed my mother and draftd my father. One time they even kidnapped my aunt. My life has not been easy, I look for any little jobs. I am mostly a hunter, but the Imperials have been poaching all the wildlife. I mostly assist in smuggling or... Humphry looks around and goes back to talking. ... or assisting some Rebel operations. I am very stealthly, it is part of my bothan family's heritage. Now, its your turn to talk.

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In another part of town, we find a greasy building containing some primitive bunks, a broken speeder, a few tables and chairs and the weary remains of Verips Vipers, a mercenary band that has merely survived both a recent mutiny and the death of their captain, Verip Ter.


A lean figure sits at an old, slightly sloping table. Her bootclad feet rests firmly on the table, while she casually cleans a spare barrell with a piece of cloth. The lights above the table starts to flicker, but a firm punch at the wall with her right hand stop it for a second. Then, to her dismay, it dies out completely. Without raising her eyes from the task before her, she calls out in the darkness in a bored voice:


Hey, why dont'cha go get me some new lights? *sigh* I went last time...


OOC: anyone who wants to RP that they know me since my days as a mercenary might join in at this point. I used this to create an opportunity for combat oriented players who hasn't come up with a background for their chars yet. And since I guess this is supposed to be dated prior to the creation of the =A=, keep that in mind folks! Also, simultaneous stories at different places would work, I doubt all of us met at the same time... :)

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mean while at the mos espa space port


K-23po : I dont understand why did you strike this deal Jorenka is a very powerfull crim lord even here on tatooine.

shreneka: bwaaargh

K-23po : still dont think its a good idea. smuggling weapons..... to correllia even.. youve never eaven been to correllia how are you gonna find your way?

shreneka gave off an ennoyed growl as he closed the smuggling compartment. Stepping out of the centurian he saw a figure at the door. he could no quite make out who it was


Shreaaaak graaaahl.

k-23po : who are you? show your self!

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Arina X'Hiari, a young, charismatic girl, stumbled in through the doorway of a large cluster of buildings. Humans and aliens alike wandered casually in and out of these enclosures. Ships of all make and design were housed here.


Good. Maybe I can make it offworld here...


Arina slowly made her way through the crowds, cluthcing her left arm at the shoulder, until she reached the more private hangars of the Mos Espa space port. Her smaller stature allowed her to move through crowds without being spotted. Sadly, she had only one option open to her.


She tugged at her cloak until it concealed the ancient weapon at her side; a beautifully crafted Vibro-sword clipped at her belt among other items. Arina glanced down in a pained effort to make sure her weapon was inconspicuous; a smile tugged faintly at her lips, then faded as she remebered what that weapon had done...


She brushed back her tousled brown hair from her eyes, causing it to flow across her shoulders, and paused at the only door that seemed viable. She winced as a smear of crimson spattered along the wall. She felt dizzy.


Come on, pull yourself together... You're in it now...............Big time.


Arina noticed a large patch of fur and the glint of metal. There was a growl, and an electronic voice pierced her nausea:


"Still dont think its a good idea. smuggling weapons..... to correllia even.. you've never even been to correllia how are you gonna find your way?"


There came another growl, and she concentrated fully on staying alert, ready, and poised with her escape route into one of the many hangars...


Never let your guard down... The moment you trust another, they become your enemy, ready to betray you, and in the best position to do so... If things do go awry, do not fear the cowards path, for in the coward lies the posibility of living to fight another day... If there was ANYTHING good my mother taught me... No, surely my mother taught me NOTHING!!! I am alone now...


With one last wince of pain, she attempted to smooth down her long, light brown, all-weather cloak around her ancestral robes of yellows and deep blues; quickly turning a darker black stained color. Her black, steel-toed boots clicked against the metals of the hangar floors as she entered the doorway.


She peered at the wookie across the room from her; pain firing forth from her deeply green eyes.




A hiss of air escapes her lungs as she falls into the hangar bay. She hits the ground, a muffled sound betraying her control.


*Arina collapses to the floor of the hangar.*

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K23-po : oh my

there came a wuick sharp growl from shreneka

K23-po : to the sick bay but.. but master you dont even know this girl

shreneka gave his droid a smack to the face causing his mechanical head to spin several times

k23-po : ok ok i just hope you know what your doing....... my my weaponsmuggling and now damsels in distress when is he ever going to stop this foolishness




k23-po : yes yes ill radio the medic to prepare the bacta tank you silly old fuzzball




the prtocol droid made his way to the bridge as shreneka hurried the girl to sick bay

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