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=A= adventures in swg


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Post your adventures you have had so far in the game here :)


The Walk to Theed


I took a Rebel delivery mission from Moneia to Theed, I counted my credits and noticed I was painfully short of the needed money to take a shuttle, So i decided that I would walk there, as I walked out of Moneia I passed a few bird like creatures and some other creatures. I started swimming across a river, two yellow blips come up on my radar, I am curious as to what species they are and swim towards them. Then something aggro's with me and I get shot at..A gungan outcast, so i quickly swim away and burst run up a mountain on the other side two more red blips, I did not catch what species they were because I was running for my life.. I had two creatures and a gungan chasing me, finally I lost them down in a vallley. I walked along and suddenly I found a builing...I looked inside and there were bones scattered everywhere, I come out side to look at the builing and on the ground I noticed a fallen banner of the empire then I look around and see a rebel general and about 5 rebel special forces commandos clearly a hard battle was fought here (if you want to see this I took down the coordinates 977 -1350 and here is a screenshotpic1 pic 2 ) for the next 20 minutes I just admired the beauty of Naboo, tall Mountains and lush valleys, I found a river and swam the rest of the way to theed to deliver my documents. the whole trip took about a hour and a half

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I can remember a couple of instances when I RP'd my character, and had a lot of fun (just getting on people's nerves mostly). One story I remember though...


Froobuk and I were walking across the plains of Naboo, when we spotted a group of thieves. There was a player house to our left, and we started formulating a plan to take out the thieves one at a time. As we were about to attack, all of the thieves opened fire. We returned fire, and Froobuk yelled, "Run to the house!" I had heard a story from beta of somebody hiding in a house from a MOB, so at the time, it seemed like a good idea. We ran sideways across the field to the house, firing sporadically the entire way. When we got to the house, I had trouble on the porch. I remember the adrenaline that was pumping, making my few seconds of struggle feel like minutes. I finally made it inside...


Now, I'm going to try to explain this house, but I don't know how good I can do it...


When we opened the door, there was a hallway straight ahead. At the end of the hallway was a door to the left. Froobuk and I moved to the end of the hallway and waited, watching the entranceway to see if the thieves would come in. Sure enough, within a couple seconds, the door slid open, and 2 thieves came running in. Froobuk and I opened fire, and decided to retreat further into the house. We took the door on the left...


The door opened into a grand hall. To our immediate right was a stairway that went up to a walkway. The walkway circled around the hall, and ended with another door on the second floor. We stumbled up the stairs, all the while taking and returning fire. We got to the walkway, and moved around to the doorway on the other side of the hall. At this point we stopped again, to see if we could fend off the thieves. This is my favorite part. Froobuk kneels (he's so tall, he can still see over the railing), while I stand next to him. Directly across the hall are three thieves, all standing, and we're all shooting across the way at each other, crimson bolts streaking through the air. There is also a thief coming up the stairs, and one on the ground floor, which I am taking pot shots at. We held this position for 30 seconds (which doesn't seem very long, but it was considering our chances), before we decided to move through the last door.


Through the last door was a room with only one exit. As we moved to the back wall, farthest from the door, I can remember blaster bolts blowing through the walls (an example of unrealistic game play, like shooting through the ground, but I just pretended that the thieves on the other side were randomly shooting, trying to hit us). I remember a moment of silence. Our characters sat there, breathing heavily, waiting for the thieves to come through the last door. I glanced at Froobuk, then back at the door, knowing that it was all or nothing. Suddenly the door burst open and two thieves came in. It was like a shootout in a gangster movie, a Mexican standoff that can only end one way. Four of us stood in the room, shooting at each other at close range. Each side took hit after hit, be refused to go down. Froobuk (no offense to Patman, he was trying to live) uses his last ounce of strength to run past the thieves and out of the room. I stayed, and continued the stand off. I brought one of the thieves down to a sliver of life. I remember the last thing Froobuk said to me: “They’re going to kill you”. In reply, I only said one thing. “I know :)

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Here's mine:


Over The Plains of Naboo:

The group stopped, they had traveled very far from the city of Theed. One man set up camp as another started up his music. The tune blared through the night. Vessenn sat out of the camp. Away from the festivities, looking over the plains. It was a beautiful night. A low breeze sweeping the tall grasses back and forth, in the distance a small herd of gnorts could be seen. Scavenging for food morsels. Vessenn blinked then out of the corner of his eye he saw a Great Plains Hunter, these cats were of a very deadly sort. Vessenn stood, he alerted the group of the cat's presence and the fight was on.


Most of the group pulled out their blasters and fired upon the beast, but Vessenn charged up and attacked with his fists. Punching madly he injured the beast, near death the cat ran off only to be cut down by the constant fire of blasters. Cheering the group sat down and began to party again.


That was a short story, I didn't want to drone on because we actually fought 4 of those Great Plains Hunters :).

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