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Action Fleet Heads To Dry Dock

Wed, Jul 23, 03 06:43:34 PM EDT


After having returned from a two-year hiatus, Hasbro's Action Fleet line has once again been put on hold. Failing to meet minimum quantity requirements from major retailers, Hasbro was left with no choice than to bring the line to a screeching halt. As a result several of the vehicles previously announced for later this year will in fact not be released, and those holding pre-orders for upcoming waves should expect cancellation notices soon. We’re awaiting confirmation from Hasbro on the final wave of Action Fleet vehicles for this year, but it was suggested in San Diego that may well be the recently shipped Republic Gunship wave. The good news is; tentative plans are in place to bring the line back in 2005 with renewed interest surrounding the release of Episode III. At that time, it was suggested, Hasbro is looking very hard at the possibility of adding mini-figures back into the line (something Action Fleet fans have been begging for since the line made its comeback last year). As we are still quite a ways away from 2005 and Episode III, many plans can change but it was clear in talking with Hasbro representatives at Comic Con that there is a desire to continue bringing these toys to the fans and collectors that want them. We’ll continue to follow the Action Fleet situation and bring you updates as new information develops.

Reported by Rebelscum.com




I don't know how many people here collect Action Fleet besides me... but I figured I post it anyways. I collect them, and have a bunch of them... this is really dissapointing.


Can we join together and say: "Death to Hasbro" :D

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Originally posted by daring dueler

because, eventhough i said damn hasbro, galoob makes action fleet...so now were after galoob? damn! whats next mcflaren?


The Toy industry is going down.... :(


I really hope its a lot better for epsiode III.

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Kicking up this old thread! :p


Hasbro did buy out Galoob a few years back ;)


Hasbro never bought Kenner out. They have always been one and the same company. Hasbro/ Kenner.


Kenner was put on SW toys, while Hasbro was always used on GI Joes. I believe SW Toys started getting the Hasbro name on it with the TPM wave. Kenner hasn't been put on anything since... then I guess.


And Hasbro doesn't use Galoob's name, but does indeed put 'Micro Machines' on there if I'm not mistaken.


And Z, keep a lid on all stuff I say. Whether it be Project Hasbro or that other thing I let slip in a convo between you and Taters last night ;)

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Originally posted by daring dueler

rito! johnny!\



the operation and a and b is all quiter here.


yeah hasbro kenner are the same found that out a few days ago actually, i always thought they were bought out, yeah hasbro first showd on comtech figures potf2/ep1


How come you didn't tell me then, and where did you find out?

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Hey Phreak, may I come as the bearer of good news?


Originally quoted by Rebel Scum's Mark

The latest issue of the French Star Wars Fan Club magazine features images of what should have been the upcoming Action Fleet Star Destroyer and Death Star. While at San Diego Hasbro announced the Action Fleet line was on hiatus, the magazine states these and the concept art A-wing are slated to be released at the end of the year. Has something changed with the Action Fleet line, or is this simply out dated information? We have a call into Hasbro and hope to have this cleared up soon.




Hope the line makes a comeback for ya ;)

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