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  1. Hey Weeks, sorry to necropost this, but I thought I'd ask for build instructions just in case you've changed your mind on them. If not, maybe let us have a peek into your reasoning for not releasing them?
  2. Nice! Good luck.

  3. Not much, you?

  4. I almost drooled looking at that screencap. Rock on, my spectery sith friend.
  5. Thanks, Newbie! Good to hear from ya.

  6. This is looking incredible, especially the HK-51.
  7. Thanks. Sounds good.

  8. Maybe in the future, my friend. Thanks very much.

  9. Yay! Glad you like 'em. Inspector soon, hopefully.

  10. Awesome shots of the Raptor. Trust 2.0 sounds cool. Will it be integrated into the game with item-based indicators, like the first Trust system?
  11. Fair enough. Do those M4-78 dialogue files still need fixing?

  12. Haha, San Francisco IS essentially Endor, Muir Woods is like ten-ish miles from the bridge... cool site!
  13. I've played KotOR probably twenty times and KotOR II closer to thirty times... as immersion in the Star Wars universe goes, they're the tops. But if he's a fan of RPGs with awesome combat systems... eh, don't bother.
  14. I saw the midnight premiere - with a group, I'm not a Superman devotee by any means - and I was entertained but a little underwhelmed.
  15. I'll HYU all over that damn chatbox.

  16. Thanks for your help and good luck with that. Me, too.
  17. Ooops! I re-installed. Sorry. Save games eliminated. I'll install all the same mods and get try to get to that point again, though, if you want me to.
  18. Awesome. People like me... ignorant sycophants to the Superman legacy.
  19. Last planet with all other masters dead, yes. I'll try to be a little more selective with my mods next time.
  20. Quite excited. For those who have indulged in the spoilers, I have a question: I'm not too well versed in Superman lore... will that affect my appreciation of this movie?
  21. Other than the rushed ending and (SPOILERS) the complete disregard of the fact that the Federation had a quasi-legal military branch trying to start a war with the Klingons, I really enjoyed it. Lindelof was a little much for me, but I could feel the other two writers really getting in there are writing great dialogue, which the actors embodied really well. I agree with the hidden part of the above post.
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