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  1. Arc: you're more right than Vanir is about Chechenya in the Kavars thread, I'll revisit it after my exams are done. In the meantime don't bend over for him, because while Vanir knows a lot of dificult words, to see the situation like he does requires more cherry picking than what is done by many who revere the bible. Oh, and find the facts yourself, Chechenya is an interesting conflict, but finding unbiased info isn't terribly easy, so read the history and take anything about recent history with a grain of salt, then make up your own mind.

  2. bp2670.jpg


    Authentic Russian-made binoculars, top quality, perfect vision, very far sight, highly recommended, I sell you special for low, low price of $399 dollars - original at low price, unbelievable sale, buy now, buy now

  3. Hehe, you're welcome.


    I hope that now you know the power of the dark side. :p

  4. Your signature has prompted me to brush up on my Aurebesh again... Thank you. ;)

  5. You must understand that there is a factor of urgency involved in this as Dr. Ednov has calculated very recently that should we not get a new active member in Skype, our faces will wither away by digital erosion in as soon as under 2 weeks.

  6. I'll check it out...

  7. Arcman you should be on Skype we're running low on activity and need somebody young, handsome and enthusiastic, like you. Any sexual offences perpetrated on you during this event will be entirely your responsibility. Thank you and we look forward to you accepting this unique, once-in-a-lifetime offer. Contact me or my associate Mr. Ednov. We look forward to your presence on Skype.


    P.S. Here is a link to begin your Skypeship.

  8. Arc...looking at your custom title and avatar, I simply must say you have excellent taste in choice regarding those:D Rapper kitty cracked me up:D

  9. Be thankful for all the snow, we didn't get a day's worth of cold this year. :( If anything, I'll say that it wasn't stifling hot in December and January, but I was sweating like a pig in November and February. >:[

  10. Life is awesome as usual and the weather where I live is finally starting to feel like spring/summer, so I can finally enjoy the great outdoors again! Yay for no more snow!

  11. How you doin, Arcman?

  12. Well, I should get my MRI results back tomorrow. I am eager to find out what they indicate...I have been dealing with this knee pain for about 5 years....


    Yes, I love swimming.

  13. I hope that gets better... I've had harmless little 'nub-shaped' cysts on the bones in my hands before but they disappeared about a year ago... You're not the only one with a bad left knee, actually. My left knee has a really loose patella so it's kind of freaky. It prevents me from playing sports that involve running, so instead I do swimming. Swimming is great for therapy after an injury or surgery, actually...

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