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  1. Well, if he's already been caught nine times for drunk driving, he probably deserves sixty years.
  2. Well, when "not everything" turns into "nothing"...
  3. Well...you could always meet with them elsewhere. To each his own, I guess.
  4. Nah, I've been to the JJT before the end sequence with no problem. And the Mira environment suit glitch is unrelated as well. But, it couldn't hurt to load a previous game. But if you don't want to do that, you could download the Whereami Armband to open the door.
  5. Well, it sounds like a lot more than just some.
  6. So, being exposed to terrorism makes terrorism OK? Got it. Just a question: If you don't listen to your preacher at all, why do you even keep going to church?
  7. Yeah, it's not 100% impossible that he's alive. But It's not likely. And the general statements by Atris, the Council, and Kreia imply that all other Jedi are dead. Though only Kreia actually knew about Bastila, it seems. Curious.
  8. "...the teachings of Master Arca, the adventures of Jolee Bindo on the Rimward Missions. All of these things are in danger of being lost, forever." If Jolee were alive, how would his tales be in danger of being lost? And if Revan does fall to the dark side, Jolee actually admits to being a Jedi. Furthermore, he implied several times in K1 that he followed Revan to have one last adventure. So even if he were alive, by K3, it's unlikely that he'd do anything. And he'd be too old for that sort of thing.
  9. Except that he's dead in K2, regardless of Revan's alignment.
  10. You only get them if your PC is male and you have Hanharr in the party. Here's one that was cut: ATTON: Nal Hutta's as slimy as the Hutts, lots of swamp and bloated gas. It's where those slugs reach out and grab chunks of the galaxy. Trust me, we're not going to go anywhere near the place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next few years. BRIANNA: That bad? I didn't anything could compel you to bathe. ATTON: You spend all day thinking up that joke? Maybe you and Bao-Dur should start a circus. BAO-DUR: I fail to understand the reference, though I doubt your explanation would prove worthwhile.
  11. Oh, I definitely think Handmaiden and Disciple should both have been in the party. Mainly because Nihilus makes no sense if you don't have the Disciple on the team (and high influence with him), and Atris makes no sense without the Handmaiden. But one of the things I liked the most about K2 was having optional characters. If they could just to make it so that everything makes sense whether you have one or the other... Oh, and I'm fairly certain there will be no Jedi Wookiee. After all, LA put the kibosh on Sith Hanharr.
  12. Ah, a shame. And Sion's condition wasn't a result of game mechanics...it was more Deus Ex Machina.
  13. Agreed. Canderous should be in K3, but I don't think he should be a party member (again). It would be cool to have Kelborn or Zuka or some new character on the crew, though.
  14. Well, that was the whole point of Sion. I liked it.
  15. Yes, that would be fun...MUAHAHAHAHAHA! #2--Yes, I also know that there is force speed, but I thought that it might have been nice to not ahve to run with the blur, and use force points, and yeah. That's what the turbo cheat is for. There are a bunch of alternatives to that--convincing him he's already dead, for instance, or convincing him that Kreia has marked him for death.
  16. Also on that matter, it would be nice if, after playing the game with both party members, you could choose which one you want, instead of having it forced on you.
  17. Haven't you played DS? You can do all of those. #1 - How about mind tricking two thugs into jumping into the pit? #2 - One word: turbo. And the only thing I want is to play the game. The whole game. The whole, finished game.
  18. It wouldn't be possible. I'm sure he writers had a hard enough time making the 12 party members in K2; in fact, they seem to have run out of time for Bao-dur. who has nothing to say after Telos, and Mical, whose entire background got cut. Here's an alternative: *7 mandatory party members (7) *1 male/female only party member (out of 2) *1 light/dark side only party member (out of 2) *1 optional party member (out of 2) So that's 13 possible party members total, to fill 10 slots. Assuming the game isn't rushed (hint hint, LucasArts ), that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  19. Well, assuming K3 has the Finesse feats from K2, you won't be needing your strength any time soon. Anyway, my thoughts? I think that all the party members, save two (T3 and HK, of course), should be completely new characters and/or not in your party in either of the first two games. We learned the others' stories in K1 and 2--no need to have them again. Though, Canderous was still interesting in K2, but that's an exception.
  20. I think it was supposed to be ambiguous like that. Generally, that's how prophecies are.
  21. I'm pretty sure it's Wisdom, not Charisma, that increases Will.
  22. Well, seeing as Obsidian sort of planned to have the Exile as PC in K3, that's my preference. Though, we would all have to suspend our disbelief somewhat for that. But it would solve a lot of problems, as well--both the Exile and Revan's physical appearances, for instance; Revan could sport his/her traditional mask (and on that matter, Revan's former alignment might not be an issue), while the Exile's appearance, gender, and alignment would be chosen by the player. But having a new character--one that is not ultra-powerful, mind you--would definitely work as well.
  23. That's a good point; the Exile finishes off Sion and all those Sith Assassins without relying on his/her bond with his/her companions. And then the Exile actually kills Kreia, even though they have a bond that is supposedy lethal. I think that was all part of Kreia's plan: Kreia wants two things: 1. She wants revenge against those that exiled her (both Jedi and Sith). 2. She wants revenge against the Force. Kreia sees the Exile as a tool for her to achieve both. While she doesn't succeed in actually killing the Force, she manages to help create a being that does not submit to the will of the Force. Now, how does she do this? She threatens to kill herself, forcing the Exile to do her bidding and kill Nihilus and Sion. So, if the Exile doesn't fight Nihilus, he/she dies. If the Exile dies, Nihilus dies--so Kreia achieves at least one of her goals. But when the Exile kills Nihilus, he/she no longer needs the bond with Kreia or anyone else, which is how the Exile manages to face Malachor alone. Of course, it's likely that the Exile didn't know this, otherwise they wouldn't need to go to Malachor in the first place. Furthermore, if we look at some of the cut content for Malachor, it was originally planned that the player would have two choices--to save their party members, or to face Kreia alone, and become stronger for it (though it seems you wind up alone in either case). Thanks.
  24. This is a theory I've had for some time as well (and as noted previously, Mr Avellone's comment all but proves it). What really made me see the connection between the Exile and Nihilus was that there is a clear connection in the game between the Exile and all of his/her foes--Sion, Nihilus, Atris, Kreia, all of them. They all serve as warnings for the Exile of what could happen if one relies on the Force too much--something that the Exile is in danger of doing, for he/she has always relied on the Force to bond with others, especially after Malachor. Now, onto other matters... Regarding Nihilus' appearance in Legacy, what's actually said is so vague that nothing can be made of it, and Krayt doesn't even get an anser out of Nihilus, so who's to say that he wasn't wrong? Aren't we all? If Exile is LS, most likely yes. The whole "saving yourself" thing mentioned in the journal entry could be metaphorical; in defeating Nihilus, the Exile has become whole again. If Exile is DS, definitely. The Exile will always have the potential to turn into Nihilus (or Atris or Sion or Kreia, for that matter). This I'm not certain of. Kreia tells the Exile that she wants him/her to feel the Force again, so that he/she does not have to rely on bonding with others anymore. Judging from the overall themes of K2, I'm willing to bet that Kreia was successful. By the way, I'm new here. Hello.
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