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  1. So, do you play only Star Wars video games, or do you prefer a wider spectrum of entertainment?

  2. You're probably right about the two fics at once thing. Maybe someday, when Sri is developed enough, I can pull it off, but probably not now. Only if that cord takes a week or two to get here. :lol:


    More Gina stuff! (claps) YES! I love Gina! :xp:


    I better get the next Sri thing out soon, or everyone's gonna lose interest. I think I'll go write on it, even without the 'handy-dandy hints' I have stashed on my poor laptop. See ya!

  3. Right now, I have three...no, four stories going right now! I'm posting one of them already, and another one of them is destined for Javyar's Cantina a couple days. The other two...I'm considering posting one of them, too. If the other one ever gets posted, it'll probably be in the far distant future. :lol:


    Wish you'd finish some of your stories! I'd wouldn't mind reading them. :)

  4. Well, the new laptop cord got here!


    Guess what?


    They sent me the wrong one.


    So I'm still Sri-less. I'm getting desperate! I might just start writing it without all the names and hints and plot reminders I have stashed away! (sigh) Guess I shouldn't complain. At least I have a couple other fan fics to write away on while Sri is unaccessable. Hmm, I wonder if I should post one of them?


    Can't wait for your next chap. :D

  5. I strictly listen to music only when I'm writing and I need 'insperation' and when I'm abou tot fall over because I'm so sleepy! :lol:

  6. I generally listen to orchestral soundtracks, mostly Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean. They're good for my stories. :) What kinda stuff do you like?

  7. Well, Star Wars, obviously! :lol:


    I really like Lord of the Rings, but I don't watch it very much. Then there's Star Trek. I've watched the originals for a few years, and last Christmas I started watching the Next Generation series. A week or two ago, I found Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and Voyager at the library, so I'm about to start watching those. As far as the Star Trek movies go, I hate The Motion picture, Final Frontier, and The Undiscovered Country. They were just...wierd. (as opposed to Star Trek in general) :lol: I kinda-sorta like The Search for Spok, Generations, and Insurrection. I really, really like The Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home. But, for my absolute favorite, I'm torn between First Contact and Nemesis! They are both so good, with great acting, great graphics, great plots, great characters--


    I better stop there, or I'll be goin' on all night! I'm in a really 'Star Trekkie' mood at the moment, so I'm a little hyped about it. :lol:


    Now that I've said all that, have you ever seen Star Trek?

  8. JC=just curious


    Don't see the third without seeing the second! It will make NO SENSE!!!!!!

  9. Hi HOP. :) I'm fine, you?


    You didn't miss anything with Sri. My laptop cord died, so most of my Sri junk is stuck on there. :( Oh, well, the replacement should be here soon.

  10. Yup, that's Kiera Knightley!


    JC; do you watch Pirates of the Caribbean?

  11. Yea, but I don't know when those are going to come or how much they're going to cost. Since the library has it, I might go ahead and get it from there...


    Of course, by the time it lands in my hot little hands, the patches will already be out! :lol:

  12. I have the PS3 version. I'm thinking about renting the PS2 version, just to see the extra levels. Think I should?

  13. News flash: I JUST GOT THE FORCE UNLEASHED!!!!!!


    My sibling's birthday came around, and a friend of mine knew how much we both wanted it and gave it to us as a joint birthday present! :D Don't worry, I won't post any spoilers!

  14. LOL!!!!!!

    I hang out at the Lucasarts forums. I've run into more spoilers...oh, well, I guess I shouldn't expect people to put up spoiler tags. (sigh) But I have learned all the strategies for all the bosses, and I have yet to unsuccessfully dodge the ending! :lol:

  15. Well, they were supposed to be special for the last gen, but I guess the 360/PS3 owners compalined so much they decided to release a patch. :lol:


    I saw a video of one of the historical missions on the PSP (Luke and Vader, Bespin). It wasn't very impressive.

  16. Sorry, had to log off.


    Yea, some ppl on these forums need to lose a little of their 'imagination'.


    Anyway, about the patches. They're making one with a bunch of extra skins for the PS3/360, mainly the ones that the last gen consoles had. :xp: The only confirmed ones so far are Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, and Ki-Adi Mundi. (I'm hoping they have Juno Eclipse and Asajj Ventress, or any other girl characters. To me, at least, it's a ton of fun to slice n' dice things as a girl. :D) The second patch is going to put in the Jedi Temple level, and I heard that there are supposed to be more coming.


    I'll try to find a link to an article about it. :)

  17. Actually, I don't. Wish I did, though! I'm probably getting it for Christmas on the PS3. Have you heard about the patches they're making for it?

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