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  1. I thought the developer of ScummVM-Ext had abandoned the project? I remember him saying something like that he was disappointed by the lack of interest of the community so it wasn't worth continuing. I was quite surprised because I couldn't be more excited by the prospect of someone finally supporting asset modding in ScummVM!
  2. Huh, I don't think I'd ever noticed Mr Hitchcock there!
  3. Wow, this may be the best pixel art upscaling job I've ever seen, truly impressive! I can fully see that the real difference is made by your post-upscaling arts (that paper texture is such a good idea!) but do you care to share the ESRGAN model recipe you used for the initial upscaling step? I'm very interested in these things!
  4. I had a similar experience with Broken Age. I was also a backer and followed the development with great anticipation, I remember every time a new backer update or DFA documentary episode dropped it felt more like a new Game of Thrones episode! Then came the game... split in two parts to make matters worse... and I felt pretty underwhelmed by it. It was just meh, no strong feelings one way or another. I think by then I was so exhausted by the development that I wasn't in the right mood to play the game anymore. A few weeks ago I decided to replay it and I was able to have a fresh look at it, remembering very little about it. And it is a gorgeous little game, so full of details, a true labour of love. It is not without its flaws but at least this time I had feelings for it, positive for the things that worked and negative for those that didn't. It's hard to understand how that game could leave me feeling so indifferent at the time. Expectations can really work against your enjoyment, I take it as a lesson to try to keep some distance with upcoming projects and our hopes in check.
  5. Nice topic, finally a place to say this! The experience of playing Loom is actually HARMED by the Tchaikovsky Swan Lake soundtrack. Out of place! Kicks me out of the game every time it starts sounding. They should have produced an original soundtrack instead of reusing a timeless, ubiquitous classic. There I said it. I feel lighter now...
  6. Hey, you do you! If that's the way you enjoy playing adventure games, you shouldn't even feel ashamed for playing them with a walkthrough. They're games, all that matters is that you have fun playing them. i for one do not have much fun playing puzzle-less or casual adventure games (like Unavowed), let alone the more narrative-driven games of late Telltale and company. They just don't hold my attention and I don't feel like I'm playing a game, so I easily get bored and move on to something else. I need puzzles to continue to feel engaged and interested in the story, that's what makes these games *games* to me. If I want a more passive narrative experience I switch on the TV, there's a lot of good stuff there!
  7. Unfortunately management is against it. As far as I can tell they see it as a copyright infringement risk, even if ScummVM would not be hosting anything.
  8. These would all be great, but we'll probably have to wait until at least launch to get some clarifications. In the meantime I'm in the market for some wild, groundless speculation! :P
  9. There was an attempt by Perfect Entertainment (Discworld series) to create an adventure game based in the Naked Gun franchise, though it was sadly cancelled. You can read an interesting article about that cancellation here.
  10. Woah...!!! No words... it's like getting into the dreams of any Monkey Island fan. Awesome...
  11. Cool! I know there was a Guybrush 3D Model hidden in Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine, you could use some cheat to play with it. There's also the Escape one. Both could be used as a start, though it would be funny to see those 90's models used in CryEngine 2 . Looking forward to see what you've done!
  12. Well, it suits your skills, explains why you were eager to integrate your job with the Cry Engine, and explains why you don't want to get that plane to San Francisco! So that was the "nice" studio...
  13. Hah! You work at Crytek! That explains many things...
  14. You don't have to be their employee, but maybe a paid (and well-paid ) collaborator. Or even your studio could be hired for a collaboration. There are many possibilities, you don't have to leave Germany .
  15. Amazing... I have no words. If one person, in less than a week of work, and without disposing of the full quality of the original artwork is capable of reaching such degree of perfection, what couldn't LucasArts do with all their resources? They must be blind if they don't take good note of your skills, you're REALLY talented and, as a fan, you know exactly what we fans want from a good remake (well, fans and anybody with eyes on their faces).
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