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  1. I like going to bombed-out Jedi temples to get my stuff.
  2. Problem is, there are about ten different .mdl "types"

  3. The JKA format.

  4. Exactly. Torrents make HUGE downloads much easier to download. That's why pirates use them for games and movies.
  5. We've had that for a while, actually, and we were thinking the same thing about you...
  6. In XSI, select the model, go up to where it says Model, go down to Modify, Poly Mesh, and hit Invert Polygons. Export. There you go.
  7. Pretty much bump maps, they add more detail to models.

  8. Does RC support normal maps? If so, how do I use them in UnrealEd?

  9. Nope, I can walk through it, shoot through it, and throw grenades into it...

  10. Hey, I imported some canyon models, but they have no collision. Any advice?

  11. Did you try re-downloading the game from steam? You could have gotten a corrupt download.
  12. Either Hockey has to do it, or he has to give me admin permissions.

  13. Do you know how?

  14. Could you send me that Jabiim map?

  15. Take it easy, michonicle, we don't want to get people upset.
  16. We were actually thinking the same thing...
  17. Replace the useless text with five videos of Rick Astley contained in a spoiler. What would you do with ownership of Skywalker Ranch?
  18. I might be able to help, part time, as I am busy with many other things.
  19. We should do away with our current DLT-19, I found a better one that doesn't look so much like a MG42...

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