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  1. Yeah, I was just screwing around with the weapons.

  2. Hmm, about the demo thing, I actually did remove it and made a tunnel under a ruined building...

    Here it is anyway:


  3. Unrealed.exe should be located in your C:\Program Files (x86)\lucasarts\Star Wars Republic Commando\GameData\System folder.
  4. Posted some screens of Geonosis.

  5. I would harvest it's wool to make an invulnerable suit. What would you do with a UFO under your command?
  6. Also, how do I add in bacta dispensers?

  7. How do I do a door that you have to demo?

  8. Force my worst enemy to watch it for three days straight. What would you do with the entire Russian nuclear arsenal?
  9. Would you happen to know how to convert models from JKA to .obj?

  10. Yeah, we just need someone who can convert it for us.

  11. Nope. That's the problem.

  12. Just one problem, it's in the JKA model format...

  13. I think I found a new M5,


  14. Sure? I have Battlefront 2 for steam, and I have load of mods. The files are just placed in a different directory.

  15. That's too bad... You could always get it off Steam, right now it's $10.

  16. You can play without disc by going into c/program files/lucasarts/republiccommando/system. In there you will fins swrepubliccommando.exe. Double click it, and the game should start.

  17. How do I make a working turret?

  18. How do I fix something like that myself?

  19. Thanks, could you upload it for me?

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