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  1. Just a thought... Considering lucas arts have said that this storyline is a more personall one compared to the first, i wonder if Galens Father will be included or have anything to do with the game this time around. I feel its a very unexplored part Galens storyline...

  2. IDK, some thing just makes me assume that there could be a bit of a darker side to him. When Starkiller asks him where Juno is and he replies he doesn't know, his tone just sounds heartless. Also between the time Starkiller asks where is she and Kota's reply there is a breif image of Kota with his hands above his head, as if striking at something or some one. May be he did some thing to Juno?


    hmmm interesting....but then again he could just be angry at the world for something, i mean he did cop a lightsaber to the face and hes got scars everywhere so .... lol

  3. Dath why didn't you rip trujedi a new one HAS MARRIAGE MADE YOU SOFT!?!?


    In other news, my houses A/C is ****ed again. Now, you might be thinking "Bongo you bafoon, that's a bad thing," and you're right. However, the good thing is that now the rest of my family knows what it feels like in my room, where it's 85 degrees while the rest of the house is 78. Honestly I barely notice the A/C isn't working.


    hahah ooohhh bongo boy you bafoon, :Dyou make me laugh!!

    So do you dath...your the funniest of them all :)

    i wish i had humour like you two

  4. i loved the first 2 , but for some reason this one looks like its more cartoon then the first two. Thats a little bit of a turn off for me. The trailers look pretty cool but hhhmmmm.. i dunno, probs still buy it though lol .

  5. ^ ^ ^

    Arrgghh !! to much to comprehened lol !!

    Although i will say with regards to you Kurgan.

    I think to be able to enjoy a game, you need to have all three elements of what you mentioned in moderation. Gamepley is a big factor , graphics not so much but you still want some level of quality.


    And personally i think having a Great storyline rather then a good/ok storyline can be the difference between a really GREAT enjoyable game and mediocre / meh game that you could have gone with out.

  6. I cant stop watching the trailer. It is honestly one of the best ive seen so far. If what

    Son of Skywalker is saying is true , them DAMN im pumped lol. One thing im pondering though, is will they still have all the lightsaber customization and stuff ?

    It would cool if you could change your hilt and the colour like the first one :D

    Green and Bue all the way !!!

  7. That trailer is s0o0o0o00oo0o00o0o good !!!! lol i was gobsmacked when i watched it.

    Maked me even more excited for the game to come out. HURRY UP lol im over waiting !

    I also love the way that es become more bold in saying "vader has betrayed me for the last time, he cant stop me know " or something like that. AND ...he now has a pretty cool purpose which is i think... to find juno . omg drooling just thinking about it lol

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