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  1. Hey, do you have TSL (KotOR 2)? If yes, do you want to Beta Test something for me?

  2. I already added it.

  3. Do you even visit, CLICKY? We can chat there.

  4. Ya got that right!

  5. How do you get the custom status?


    I am Revan" that type of one?

  6. Voice-Over problems (prob. couldn't find a imitator) [doubt it though] or maybe it's a spoiler, secret, something he can't tell you until it's release or played.... We won't know 'till it's released, will we? I've wondered it too. great work so far though!
  7. Merry Christmas everybody, and Happy New Year!!

  8. Yes, waiting for the plot though.... :( Holidays though so no working! :D

  9. Same to you, thanks!

  10. If, I may ask, who are you?

  11. Hey, who was the one who created the logo for "Revenge of Revan"?

  12. I've just thought a switchblade "knife" would be pretty cool to have in-game. Preferribly for KotOR 2 please. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) preferably this one
  13. You could have them in the sith base on Taris, and not an apartment.
  14. seems like a "Revan all the Time" mod. XD
  15. It depends on what you want to have in it.
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