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  1. I haven't, actually. I used to play around one audacity and whatnot, but never voice work. I don't think I would do so well, sorry.

  2. Hey logan! I've been well. How about yourself?

  3. Do you have a link to them, actually?

  4. I believe my mods were deleted from my computer, sadly... :( I will have to check them out!

  5. I seem to have returned. :)

  6. I seem to have returned. :)

  7. I seem to have returned. :)

  8. I seem to have returned. :)

  9. I was just wondering what the name of the .uti file was.

  10. Hey what are those skins for? the armour or robe type? name of 'dem please?

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. I have unity already lol.

    I'm starring voice overs now acctually XD

  13. Well anybody who looks at this, I'd thought I'd show where you might be able to find some "composers" for music for a mod or a few. Find 'dem' here.

  14. How about international? and that's everyday, well for me anyway.

  15. He is a writer.

  16. Assassin robes I emailed you, read through it please, your gmail one.

  17. Hey, do you have TSL (KotOR 2)? If yes, do you want to Beta Test something for me?

  18. I already added it.

  19. Do you even visit, CLICKY? We can chat there.

  20. Ya got that right!

  21. How do you get the custom status?


    I am Revan" that type of one?

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