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  1. nevermind lol

  2. Prudii, I think it may be Hooper who uploaded that Rapture vid for Carbonite Modders...err Carbonite Games is what he calls it on there though. Anyway I figured since you're the first on i've seen on I'd tell you that it is in fact CM material.

  3. Since making their body is currently impossible for me I just go out and find a sprite base and use paint to add clothes and colors.

  4. ahhh well I have one too in unrealed but I don't know if I can clone or copy it. I want Kad'e to have the assassins helm (Phase 2 helmet with an awesome visor) and the shadow clones to have the helmet they have right now. Only problem is that they both have different skins.

  5. well I used jedi knight 3 models for helmets. When I just pop em in their without any tinkering they don't work right so I had someone else fix them (format them) and I was wondering if you had a mesh for the Phase II helmet that I wouldn't have to mess with.

  6. thanks :D Hey you wouldnt happen to have a formatted Phase II helmet would ya?

  7. if I knew what your email was O_o.

  8. yeah I can wait that long :D I'll email you the mesh and skin

  9. well the Phase II helmet I have on Kad'e (in my album) had to be sized and rotated to work. before it wouldn't work and would be invisible. I believe it was either a battlefront or jediknight mesh and I have a Phase I helmet from Jediknight 3 but it refuses to work. I was wondering if you could format the static mesh to work in RC so I can put it on my last commando

  10. how good are you at fixing helmets to put in RC?

  11. hey hockey do you think you could fix a helmet mesh for me? It doesn't want to co-operate.

  12. hmmmm i could probably find a place for it somewhere in the mercenary department

  13. I can't see it. is it in your photoalbum?

  14. Figured I'd show you what I've done so far with my mod. I've made some heavy alterations to the original idea. I'll recap it first. The Barons, a clone Commando squad, are part of the commando force that is sent in as infantry on geonosis. Seeing the commandos get whiped out causes the Barons to lose trust in the Republic and go rogue. They have to fight their way through the Republic Clone Army, Trandoshian Mercenaries hired to kill them, Zabrak warriors, and a droid army to get to freedom. It's up to the Baron's leader, Dax, to get them out. He discards all feelings for his opponents and gives his men one order, 'Kill them all.'


    and now the videos I've made. Sound is unsynched cuz of Xfire being mean.

    The Barons: Escape


    Zabrak Warrior test


    Ortega Squad battle


    Weapon sounds change

  15. I'll give it a shot when I finish recording some of Dax's lines (I decided to try voicing him). I've been having fun with this and I'm uploading some videos i've taken onto youtube. Including battles with my CloneTrooperEnemy pawns and my CloneCommandoNightOps, CloneCommandoEngineer, CloneCommandoEnemy, and my CloneCommandoSpec pawns. Apparently the squad can't handle a platoon of commandos so I ahd to join the fight and change the level a bit. They can barely take on a platoon of Clone Troopers and a commando without my help. I also Introduced Ortega Squad (Basicly just the MP skins)

  16. now for the more obvious question asked like a brit *ahem* 'How in the blazes am I supposed to do that?!?' there :D

  17. A thought just struck me....what exactly am I supposed to do with these lines anyway?

  18. Im making demolitions (Kad'e) the sadistic one this time. Specter (as he is now named) Will be like Scorch and Blaze will be like Sev if he lost his sense of humor. Leaders name is debating between Dax or Beta.

    Dax/Beta sample line - Spread out. Destroy anything in your path.


    Specter sample line - Hacking terminal. Watch my six for me will ya?


    Blaze sample line - Taking up snipe position. Heads are gonna fly...


    Kad'e sample line - So we're going rogue huh? I never liked the white jobs anyway...

  19. I put it under required equipment. I replaced the DC17 with it and thats where it decided to fail. I either remove the accesories on the Trandoshan version or fix the weapon on the Commando version.

  20. Hey Ulmont, do you know how to give weapons to new pawns? For some reason the Commando pawn i'm using for the Zabraks isn't co-operating. It wont use the SMG

  21. Ok then. And maybe I can get CCP or whatever his username is to help me with mapping. As for voices, can you pull off a vicious tone? Like completely sadistic?

  22. That would be nice. The helmet is still a problem though and the fact that accesories still escape me. I've asked Hockey about things many times and my brain refuses to let me ask for more help to avoid upsetting him.

  23. I don't really know. When I think Spec Ops I think black and red but then they would look like the Barons so I dunno. Maybe a 501st Clone or Commando with the mandalorian symbol on his chest. Either that or I could just get a clone assassin as the spec ops.

  24. for now I just need help with pawns, skins, and weapons. Voicing will come down the line eventually. I'm gonna make the squad sound kind of dark so if the leader (Name ideas would be nice) says to take up an AA position he'll go 'Blow them to bits' or 'Destroy them'. Right now I need spec ops clone skins and spec ops commando skins. Then I need to make them enemies.

  25. Ahh I had to set it to 5 to make them trandoshan soldiers. I should have just looked at the Trando number in the first place XD. anywhoo now I just need to arm them.

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