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  1. Okay you say that a team will lose some and win some thats correct, right? They are plenty of teams in the NFL that just keep losing year after year for example the Bengals or the Bills and Texans. When is the last time you heard of them win? And a team like the Patriots they win and win their record is 12 and 2. They win a lot every year or lose every year because they have a good team. If you look at the players on some of these teams they dont need to be fixed because the teams that win alot have the best players in the league becuase they have the money to pay them. The teams that lose a lot dont have amazing players on their team. Look at the panthers a while back the panthers where in the Super Bowl. After they lossed the Super Bowl their fan base went down which means less money. So their money cap went down which meant they couldnt afford to hire the better players coming into the league so they started to lose more and more games. As the years went over they kept losing and losing. Just recently they had to get rid of their quarterback and their best defensive linemen because they couldn't afford to pay them the high amount of money that they used to. So they are losing even more games. The year that they went to the Super Bowl was 2003 their record was 14-6 now their record is 2-12 do you see now the reason this could happen? And a good player don't want to be on a team that loses a lot because of that reason they wont be getting the money that they deserve so they get traded to teams that are winning so they get the cash they want. So to simplify this for you money=better players= wins=money do you see the cycle now? And the only games that people would really want to rig would be the Super Bowl. If a team wins the Super Bowl they get more fans and it keeps the fans happy (fans=money remeber) so the owners of the teams get more money to get better players so they can keep winning and get more money because of winning . Example: Patriots won 2003 Super Bowl been winning ever since. So why would a owner want to get a lump sum of money once and then start loseing and lose more money over the years than they got for that one loss. But a "niave" 16 year old like myself dont know what im talking about.
  2. Yes what is it about? If you want people to contribute you need to give us a taste of what your mods about. It doesnt have to be the whole story just tell us what the basic plot is or how it starts out
  3. i didnt mean anything by it Lord Revan it was just playing along with what you had said. It wasnt like I was saying it because you made me mad or something.
  4. Yeah it looks pretty awesome. They been working on it forever tho and they are just now coming out with the demo for a part of Act 1. If I was them i would have a thread where people can summit sub-quest ideas and stuff
  5. Yes Lord Revan we will obey your all mighty power.
  6. Fixed football are you kidding? It no way fixed because then they would have a team that losses all the time and have them win so that the games always changing. and that doesnt happen. Football is an american pass time and it would be outragous if they tied to fix it. People would go nuts. And you have to take into consideration that the people who own this team want their teams to win so that they get more money. Do you think a team that losses all the time is happy? Heck no! So if it was fixed the teams that loss all the time all going to be pissed that they are getting the short end of the stick everytime.
  7. I agree one hundred percent if you cant speak english you shouldnt be in american as a AMERICAN CITIZEN. They also butcher our language the ones who try. In my school we had to do a project on ourselves and i had these mexican girl in my class this is what she said i kid you not. i like play i like ball i like sister i like fun i like walk i like run i like game i like stuff
  8. The reason i hate Sarah Palin is that she tried to make it in a world when we desperately need (and still need if you ask me) the government to step in and she was way to inexperienced to be the person we need. Also she wants to be a government offical and now she has her own tv show how retarded is that. For any of you that dont know what it is it is called Sarah Palin's Alaska
  9. Woops i just started a thread about this and i didnt know they already had one. srry
  10. It stupid the government even considered it and the Muslims are stupid too for considering it. All the Muslims are doing is disgracing the people that died there and American. If the government did let them build there their would be a huge protest and it may lead to violence. All the government has to do is seize that land as eniemnt domain and declare it a national landmark. Problem solved
  11. What do you guys think about the war thats about to break out in North Korea? (which of course we are going to get involved) It going to be tough for the US to fight a war on two fronts if we do get involved. (refering to the war in Afgahanstan)
  12. The bill has already went through the US Supreme Court and other states even took a case to the Sumpreme Court saying it was unconstitutional, but the Sumpreme Court mainly said that its already passed it and said that because of the Sumpremacy Clause they have to abide by it.
  13. Most people vote with the majority of what their friends say or family. Or who they see advertise the most. I will admit I am a harden REPBULICAN! So i can be a bit bias but i know what they represent.
  14. Yeah your right it would be a big seller and nice choice in names. I would probably try them thats for sure.
  15. It would be stupid for the jedi that are being hunted to try to rebuild it in the same place that it was destroyed in the first place. And the Jedi don't have the resources or the man power to rebuild another one. In KOTOR 2 the Enchia at Telos is lucky to have that secret place. The republic probably wont give them resources to rebuild because with like what logan said the jedi are blamed for the wars and the destruction of their first place and that the public see the sith as rouge jedi it wouldnt be smart for the republic to help them because it would ruin the republics image (whats left of it) also you might cause some soldier to rebel from the republic or even stop fighting becuase they think it is stupid to waste money helping the jedi that cause this war and do you think the republic soldiers that will be guarding the new construction of the new council building is going to be happy about that.Can you say REBELION? Which means less future soldiers to take the ranks of the fallen soldiers. Also you have to think if the jedi all gather in one spot wouldnt that make them a easy prey for the sith. Dont you think the Sith wants them to come together in one spot; thats a lot easier than flying all over the galaxy in search of them. And you also have to take into consideration that many jedi fear for their life they know that it is not smart to come out of hiding to try to restore and order that has fallen before while they are being hunted by not only the sith, but mercs and bounty hunters looking for an easy pay day. And no government wants to be the person who is housing the jedi because for one your going to be bombarded from hell when the sith find out and two if the public find out your going to have some anarchy on your hands. Thats is why the jedi didn't rebuild in my opinion.
  16. I read a while back about a KOTOR 3 coming out and that was released in 2008 and they havent said anything since, but like Evil and others have said if this mmo comes out than there is no KOTOR 3 in the near future. I would say that if the mmo comes out there wont ever be a KOTOR 3 because they will just keep trying to make the mmo better. I say if they do release it everyone should just not play it and when they see no one is playing it they might come to their sense and make a KOTOR 3
  17. I doubt that she got pregnant on the ship because if so like you said that Revan would have known and being the dark man he is he would try to take him with him to make sure he doesnt go to the light side. My guess is that this happen toward the end of the 1 year he stayed with her because then he would have had a less chance of knowing she was pregnant. Which would mean he left her without knowing she was pregnant. However there is the chance that he knew he would be a bad influence on the kid so he left her for the child's sake.
  18. This new beer is just trying to use star wars to try to sell it. They know when star wars fans hear of this they are going to write about it just like we are doing here.
  19. My wallpaper is of planeshift is a rpg game that I currently playing it is still underdevelopment, but you can still play it. It is rather fun if you ask me its like a version of runescape, but with way better graphics
  20. My little bro has a slim and he loves it. He has had it for a while so they do last and I even play it sometime, but I'm usually playing x-box 360. You said playing x-box games on xbox 360 lag dont you think that they will lag on the the ps3 too. <-- just something to think about. I dont think the slim are too expensive you can get one for under a $100 if you are willing to look. When my bro got his he got it for $100 and that was a long time ago so i bet you could get one for $50 on ebay. So i doubt you would have to sell your 360 to get one and they rarely make any new games on this just to let you know. Only games that always come on every system like sports game.
  21. Thats a pretty crazy year. It seems to have a lot of ups and downs. Hopefully the upcoming year will be a great one. This year has been better than my last one to say the least. Last year my grandmother and one of my uncle and a aunts died. I was put in the hospital last year like 2 days after Christmas because I got and collasped lung and air was compressing on my heart and my other lung. So hopefully this Christmas break will be better. Probably the worse thing that happen to me this year was losing my best friend over something stupid which isn't nothing compared to most of yall problems this year. So overall I have a okay year. I wish all of you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  22. You can mod at the age 13 wow thats impressive. I wish i could help mod a game. I am not a great artist, but im have plenty of good ideas for plots and side-quests and stuff of that nature. What things have you mod?
  23. Hey Guys! Name: Ronnie Age: 16 Location: NC Hobbies: Hanging with friends, and gaming Favorite Games: KOTOR 1 and 2, COD Black Ops, Halo Reach Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, Scrubs
  24. In the new mod Revenge of Revan you can make it that basty and revan are together or something like that. No i doubt he did because you know Basty wouldn't do that because she knows that whats makes her so valuable to you Lord Revan. If he knew it he wouldnt need that hoe anymore hes a Sith Lord he can have anybody. Revans powers if you ask me were/are: Force Lightening Force Choke, Force Heal (even tho they say this is a light side move) Force Push Drain Life Drian Force paralize or stun Destroy Droids Mind Trick (of course) Force Persuade (Like somebody would say no to him) Well Thats all i can think of
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