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  1. It's one of the several Dailies places in TOR.
  2. I had assumed you had, that's why I made a joke in response.
  3. Pffft. We'll be dead by the time ME3's ending comes anyway. Reapers will devestate Earth... just give a FEW people the option of living.
  4. lol. What's gonna happen? Are the Reapers gonna come earlier than what they should have? Quick someone give birth to a fully grown Commander Shepard.
  5. I guess I'm a massive monster. I play everything but StarCraft 2. Although... I gotta say, had he stabbed the kids would people be blaming kitchen utensils? No. That would be stupid. I don't understand why people immediately blame guns and video games.
  6. If they can't bring themselves to go dark they they shouldn't be killing Juhani anyway. xP
  7. Not entirely true. If he's a healer sorcerer the Boss fights will last... 2-4 hours long if he uses a healer companion. Against the final boss, I used Xalek as my sorcerer was a healer. He went down easily, even though I was only level 48. (: Aye, you can obtain help, but honestly the first time around if you don't solo them, I kinda feel like it's cheating. That's just me. I prefer to solo what is soloable haha :edit: Oops. I didn't realize this thread was so old. I thought someone had just recently posted on this thread. My mistake for being mobile haha
  8. Yeah, it's not just you. lol I thought maybe his picture was just taking a long time to load like the others (cuz I'm on my phone) but heh... it never popped when the page finished loading.
  9. Well that would leave you with needing to re-record Dak's lines as well. Although, if you leave her DS or change her to LS, then why would you change your mind about your own alignment so late in the game? lol I'd say she's non-hostile no matter what, much like Canderous Ordo... he's a Darksider but he would follow Revan to hell and back before finding out he's Revan. He would attack Bastila if he was able to go in there with Revan and he'd attack Jolee/Juhani if he follwed Revan into the Temple (if it were possible for him to). Belaya (in my opinion) should stick with Revan no matter what his/her final decision is. I also feel that changing her alignment would be unnecessary. She is Sith after Juhani's death...
  10. Yeah I understand that too, which is one of the reasons I'm not so hopeful. To be honest I'm not sure they'll even include them at all. I know they promised them, but with staffing changes and the cuts... I think the reason they're avoiding actually saying it is because there are people who enjoy the story elements and would end up quitting over SGRAs. I personally wouldn't, I enjoy the mechanics of FPs and I love tanking and healing. I would just be majorly disappointed. Especially considering Juhani and Belaya, that male/male Mando relationship (can't remember their names). I mean I know it is obviously rare in the SW universe, but it still happens. It'd be nic to experience everything in the universe that goes on (in that time period anyway). On another note, I wish it wasn't an all new companion thing. I like Vector and Torian... I wish my Cipher Nine and Grand Champion could romance them, respectively. Vector's my favorite companion in game, then it's Jaesa... let's face it, that insane bitch is hot whether you're gay, straight or bi. XD (I was disappointed in Ashara who claimed to be both Sith and Jedi, but she served the light side only). Oh don't get me wrong, I'm patient as well, but honestly I'm not sure Makeb is gonna live up to the standards people are expecting.... even if it does, no one will get to explore it really. I figure the Harbinger will **** down... again... when we have people return. It's saddening, but I fear I'm gonna have to migrate to a different server just to be able to play.
  11. Aye, but they told us at the summit it'd be with the next story update. Which would imply two new companions (unless they take the route they did with Juhani and say only females are allowed to have SGRAs ), but that would be stupid considering we just got HK-51. Regardless it matters very little I suppose. Well I guess, but I've seen games that were developed longer and they still disappointed.
  12. Well I knew they had, but I didn't think they'd had any SERIOUS work done on it... though I shouldn't be surprised. BioWare and EA have been notorious for setting a release date about five minutes into working on crap. xD And they always get it in... usually with a bit disappointment. *cough* *ME3* *cough* Honestly I wouldn't hold your breath for the Cathar. We were also promised SGRAs with the next story update, which is Makeb, but I'm almost 100% sure it won't be in there. They haven't updated us on it for... about six months to a year (other than saying, we have no new information, but let's face it, that's not new information...).
  13. They've already made an expansion? Or rather started working on one? o.O well I guess I will preorder it. I always preorder Star Wars games. XD
  14. Well GameStop occassionally sales them and if all else fails, you could always try eBay or Amazon. I think it was last Christmas (maybe the year before, I can't remember >.<) my mom bought me a Fable 3 skinned 360 controller for Christmas. She got it off Amazon because GameStop had sold out of them.
  15. War on Drugs: Aye, my great aunt had cancer an she smoke medical majiuana and it made the pain disappear according to my grandma. I agree for medicinal reasons it should be allowed... Aye, I was basing it off of Genesis 2. But that's the Bible for you. Just like everything else, it contradicts itself. Honestly though, I'm not a 100% Bible devout follower. It was written by man for man. I realize they were Prophets, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone wrote what the did because of God. I mean for one there are a bunch of people who wrote more books of the Bible, but man dictated what went in the Bible. Ah I was unaware of that regarding DADT. I'm glad that's the fact.
  16. I had looked through that and I thought maybe I'd skipped over it or something haha. I registered on another forum and I'm infamous for name changes there... so I was unsure if I'd had one here. hehe.

  17. I'll be honest, I haven't quite read this entire thread, but I was responding to the original post. xP I must say that I enjoy all four classes, but out of them, I enjoyed a LS Agent... and I will NOT hesitate to go through the story again as a male IF they allow SGRAs and Vector is the Agent SGR companion. I find it incredibly awkward going through as a female anything... (even though, I'm gay and it'd probably work out better for me romance wise. Until then I'm good romancing a DS Jaesa on my Chiss Warrior <3 She may be a girl, but she's awesome... I'd totally date her if she were real... and I was the Sith Warrior in reality. xP)
  18. I like a lot of these pictures. Perhaps Pub side is good... for gear. Storyline wise, I wanna shoot myself in the face. xD (Although I love DS Smuggler. >) I'll be posting my guys and gals when I get to the point at which I actually log in again... which will be when I get paid so... Although, tbh most of my guys are Chiss/Miraluka that use the Covert Energy Torso. xD
  19. Hm... I'm not sure exactly where, but I'm thinking it was in Jonesboro, AR that there was another shooting recently... I could be wrong that it was Jonesboro, I just know it was somewhere here in the "Hospitality" state... Then after hearing about this, someone told me a story that made me laugh my ass off and made me feel bad because it was on the news still and people thought I was laughing at the shooting. Apparently one of the McDonalds here in my home city had an African American woman come in and pay with a twenty dollar bill... the kid behind the counter checked to make sure it was real, because (as a future McDonalds employee starting tomorrow, I read the handbook and...) all McDonald's employees are asked to mark any bill over a 10. The woman went completely lunatic like... screaming it was because she was black that he checked to see if it was counterfeit, ect... then she jumped over the counter and started beating the kid. Another employee was entering after mopping or whatever so he/she started beating the woman on the back to try and get her off and then her friend jumped over the counter and started beating up the other one... Sometimes I look back at the world and wonder... why the hell are we so crazy? Oh yeah... because people jump to conclusions over the smallest things. Regarding the shooting, from what I heard (or perhaps misinterpreted)... the kid's mom worked there and he went to erradicate that which she loved most as a means of revenge for whatever happened. I also heard that he murded his father in New Jersey, I believe it is... though that could be false information. This kid was obviously unstable... (not that that's really an excuse for the atrocity that he committed.)
  20. Even if he didn't, playing through all 8 character stories takes time... especially when you replay a story for a different alignment. That would be a grand total of 16 characters... then you just have to replay for old times sake. (Yes, yes... I'm a total alt-a-holic. ) Sure, until you run out of money because you have no job. But in all seriousness, even at 50 if you're still a F2P, it's not too bad... especially with the Cartel unlocks enabling you to have full access to FPs and Operations for what is it... a week? Two weeks? And if you're referring to the action bar thing, I personally only use two action bars as a P2P... I don't use most of the "general" class abilities because most of them are aimed at getting you to 10 and then after that you generally should be using advanced class abilities... there are some circumstances where the general class abilities are useful, like for a Warrior who can use Saber Strikes to build rage regardless of Advanced Class. That being said, I did use up all of my bars, one for Healing Flashpoints and Operations and World Bosses, two for general gameplay (which is mostly all I do, due to my alt-a-holic nature) and then a last one for PVP that absolutely NEVER got used. xD Then they added an extra two for P2P and I was like... dafuq do I do with these two empty bars?! ._. So I filled them up with pets and speeders so they wouldn't be blank. Just attach your bank account to your paypal. That's what I did.
  21. Yes, because adding a few "insignificant votes" will sway those who do the true voting. Ideally, mass vote determines the Electoral College's vote, but in reality it doesn't. I'm not saying mass vote doesn't have some play in it, but if we went by mass vote, Romney probably would be in office right now. I don't quite think it's our younger generation of Republicans (i.e. me and half the other students... or younger workers...) that feel this way. I think it's just that African Americans always play the "Black" card when they're arrested or whatever... it kind of makes our older crowd (which is the majority currently) slightly prejudiced. African Americans see our elders and assume that everyone in our party is like that... it's human nature to lump everyone that claims one set of beliefs to say we're all like that. Aye. I will admit that though I didn't like Romney to begin with, I did agree with him on a few issues. Then on almost all of his social issues I said a big hell no. Another thing is Romney was truly a big question mark to me. He did say a bunch of things that contradicted his earlier statements. I realize Obama's did too, but I've seen him in office for the past 4 years, so I know more about him than I truly did about Romney. (Yea, I voted for Obama as a Republican... shocker. ) I agree and yet I disagree with you on this statement. If the Republicans dropped their religious stance, then that puts them so much closer to being Democratic. That is one of the big things that distinguishes us from our... competitors, I guess you would call them. Does that mean that we have to base our social issues on Christianity? Of course not. We do have other members of other religions. Romney himself is proof of that... though Mormonism is incredibly similar to Christianity to a degree... but I know a bunch of Athiest and Buddist Republicans... in essence, I don't think they should go about saying "Oh Christianity is the best, everyone should be one of us..." and crap, but I do think that religion (any religion) as a whole makes Republicans what we are. That being said, Democrats aren't exactly religious, but they do have their religions too and some of their beliefs go with the majority of their religion too... I have no comment on this. I'm about as left handed a Republican as you'll find, but I do not agree with this. I believe under certain circumstances if there's a chance that at least one of them will survive, then abortion might be okay, but for the majority I believe that Abortion should be illegal. It is taking an innocent life. From the moment the sperm fertalizes that egg, it stops being an egg, it becomes a human, even if it has not fully formed yet. I see abortion as being equal to murdering a random innocent bystander. Self defense/self preservation of course should factor in, like if the mother will die if she gives birth, ect, I believe she should have that choice... but if someone gets pregnant and has the abortion just because... well she could have at least given birth (to that which she had a part in making, because she was a willing subject) and passed it up for adoption. All I have to say about this is... AMEN. xD Hmm. I always hated that biblical analogy. Because, to be honest, God didn't even make Adam and Eve... he made Adam to be a stand alone person... then when he saw that Adam was lonely he created another person from his ribs. He didn't create Adam and Eve equally... he didn't make them at the same time. So really, if you go Bible wise, God made man to be asexual. (And just so we're clear, I'm a Christian... if you find this offensive, you honestly shouldn't... I wasn't attacking Christianity. ) However, I agree. I much liked it when the Military had the don't ask, don't tell policy (however they revoked that and as far as I know, homosexual men and women are no longer allowed to serve, though I could be wrong on that... I haven't really kept up with the military lately)... it would be better for everyone if the entire country was like that.
  22. Hmm... I have been recently inactive for various reasons. But I totally just found my old Fic Tears of the Force and I plan on finishing it up. Only reason I'm telling you this is because you seemed interested in it. heh. :)

  23. I don't think he stabbed anything vital... I think it was just her upper shoulder blade. However, I must admit that that was unexpectedly... good.
  24. So... the Elder Scrolls... without Talos... without the Cyrodillic Empire... the first Aldmeri Dominion, which is totally different from the Aldmeri Dominion that we know... yeah... I think this game will be going south, unless 90% of the players (which I'm sure will be the truth) have no idea what the lore behind this is. I mean I'll try it out, but I'm sorry, I just can't see the Elder Scrolls without Talos... I guess we really will be doing as the Second Aldmeri Dominon wants... worshipping the Eight. Damned Elves always get their way. Please tell me we'll still have Vampirism and some form of Lycanthropy...
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