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  1. Same for me. But I really, REALLY enjoyed Return. I have the feeling that will grow with time, and it could overcome even MI2. Now I just want to play it again slower, and discover every little detail.
  2. I've just finished the game. It's GREAT. And I love the ending, it made me cry.
  3. I was thinking the same. It's incredible. From the beginning where I was a bit skeptic about graphic this art style had grew so much in me that now it's almost my favourite in the series. It's unbelievable.
  4. Guys...this is SO good. If I was been a little skeptical after the trailer about some little details, this clip just blow me out. I'm thinking that this art stile is like a cup of coffe without sugar: it may taste a little bitter at the beginning and takes time to get used to, but once you are, you start to enjoy the bitter taste and you can't go back to that artificial swetness anymore. Now...It's like if everything just click. I'm 100% in.
  5. Yes, sorry, I thought that he was answering to the Pax West thing. This waiting is killing me
  6. 30 years ago, an april's fool of an italian magazine hipotized the same connection...
  7. Someone on reddit tried to redraw guybrush from pixel to vector and tried to recreate the style of Rex Crowle. I've tried to add it to the new background and...for me it works great! Original post here
  8. ...kind difficult to say, but boosting the exposure on, seems like a skull.
  9. Here's my theory: the story starts at the amusement park, with the goal of getting Guybrush to run away from Chuckie again. In this phase we control both Guybrush as a child and Elaine wich still is in the "world of Monkey Island". At that moment someone (Largo ?) Sees Elaine and discovers the true power of Big Whoop. This prologue ends with the beginning of Curse, with Guybrush in the autoscript car lost in the ocean. There is a time jump of many years, and now we are in the real world. Guybrush, now 50 years old (here is that insistence of the biographical element to which Dave always mentions ...) is recalled by Murray to "return to Monkey Island": in fact, during his absence a form of cruel dictatorship has been established that uses the powerful black magic of the seals (Goetia) and that has imprisoned Lechuk, taking over his crew of ghosts. This interpretation is deducible from the strange seals that appear in several images (the ghost that loads the ship, the courthouse, the streets of Melee) attributable to this species of new culture or power that has settled in the Caribbean and that gives great importance to the keys, as seen in the blacksmith screen and the painting in the courtroom. Maybe they are the keys to accessing the true power of Big Whoop, which has to do with time? Anyway this 50-year-old Guybrush returns to Melee, having forgotten most of his past as a pirate, and must therefore first try to remember who he was and then try to end the power of this new dictatorship, with the help of Elaine and Lechuck himself. I imagine there may be numerous "time travel" or paradoxes, similar to that old design document posted by Ron in 2020, "Time Fly".
  10. I made that statement -which probably translated from Italian to English sounds a little too peremptory and absolutist- because it seemed useful draw attention to two important points, to spread some light of past controversies on graphics. Specifically I wanted: 1) Denying and demonstrate that the style of RTMI was "modern" or linked only to the cartoons of the 2000s. We have seen instead that it has roots well planted in the past both of the art history and of the Lucas adventures; 2) Indicate how, paradoxically, was pixel-art "wrong" and not philological for the hypothetical Monkey 3 ( meaning by pixel art a graphic similar to Monkey 2, not only the 320x200 resolution). Thank you for allowing me to clarify my thoughts.
  11. This. And there is also this quote from Steve Purcell, back to 2000, that could be used to push the speculations about "Monkey 3" art style: "When I saw the style Larry Ahern and Bill Tiller set for the game I was impressed. It looked fantastic. They did what we would have wanted to do on One and Two. Ron Gilbert always wanted the games to a have a storybook feel. We got close on the backgrounds of Monkey 2 but we were still had graphics limitations. One thing that's fun about the Monkey Island series is that visually each one is a departure from the last". And is curious that he use the same words "storybook feel" that Dave uses in the last interview. https://web.archive.org/web/20010405020541/http://lucasfans.adventuregamer.com/index2.html
  12. ... as something that was already there, and that was growing ... just waiting for the right time.
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