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  1. I beat #Mojole #191 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  2. Oh, I didn't notice there was an AI-related thread. If you are curious, I made a bunch of pirate-themed DALL-E2 images. Putting them here with the corresponding prompts would imply a giant copy-and-paste from the TWP forums, so I'll just link to the thread: https://forums.thimbleweedpark.com/t/a-discussion-with-an-ai/5121/116 Here's an example: Prompt: β€œOld pirate playing chess with a monkey outdoor, street photography.” Result: That thread contains also one of the funniest discussions I had with Guybrush (interpreted by GTP-3): https://forums.thimbleweedpark.com/t/a-discussion-with-an-ai/5121/20
  3. The interesting part to me is that the island wasn't cut because it didn't work for the game but, according to the sign in the game, because of time issues. I hope that the developers will get a chance to properly add Cogg Island to the game, sooner or later, like Terrible Toybox did with two new rooms in Thimbleweed Park. Said that, the moment I saw that modified clock on Melee Island, in the first video clips, I instantly assumed that it had to do with a puzzle. I wondered how the star and moon elements on the clock face would contribute to the puzzle: Well, maybe it's completely a coincidence, but the clock on Cogg Island also has a moon and a star element revolving around it:
  4. If you have a savegame of the first minutes in Melee Island, load it and try to make sense to what Widey Bones says. After completing the game, her words become a little more meaningful and I had the impression that some phrases were written as if they were referring to fans or to what fans might say after completing the game. They all think they deserve it. Well, they do and they don't! Lights out always comes sooner than you think. It's a fairly good story. I wonder if there will be a sequel? Also, this might or might not be related to Cogg Island: "If you listen close, you can hear the gears grinding."
  5. I just noticed that the symbol on the codewheel operated by LeChuck are different from the symbols on the one operated bu Guybrush:
  6. Does anybody know what this item was for? What Guybrush says sounds like a puzzle but that information is never used in the game. Green: 50% Blue: 25% Yellow: 12.5% Orange: Orange you glad you're here?
  7. I realized only now that at some point the museum closes and becomes a crime scene. Unless I am missing something from your observation, I would say that the assumption that the museum poster includes the list of crimes is false, because the poster is torn:
  8. I beat #Mojole #190 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 3/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  9. Wait, why wouldn't it feel like a third chapter to a person who played only the Gilbert games?
  10. The music of the Load/settings screen, which is a variation of the first song in MI1 (when Guybrush meets the lookout):
  11. Yes, this can happen in many unmoderated discussion forums. For example, the difference between Steam reviews and discussions in the Steam forum is striking. While the reviews are quite good (over 90% positive), the forum is full of trolls, flames, and people who feed on negativity. I was deeply misled by how negative the Steam forum was, I thought those few people represented a larger percentage of gamers, while they were just noisy. [off_topic] However, I have always found these behaviors fascinating from a social point of view. After a while, one begins to recognize quite easily the characteristics common to those who derive some sort of psychological reward from negative environments: their negative opinions are often not presented as subjective viewpoints, but tend to define inherent flaws in the game; the alleged inherent flaws are used as an excuse to point out the incompetence or moral flaws of the developers; sometimes they paint themselves as victims (the developers fooled/treated me badly); sometimes they feel unsafe and start looking explicitly for alleys ("Am I the only one who thinks X is bad? "). Although this may be a sad view, I also find it extremely interesting. [/off_topic]
  12. About the horse armor, you can also: show it to the museum curator; throw it into the fireplace of the Scumm Bar.
  13. I beat #Mojole #189 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 2/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
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