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  1. What the actual ****. Aside from the craziness, nonary systems don't even use the number 9.
  2. The worrying part about it is that the boxes Microsoft was using are apparently very dissimilar to the actual hardware present in the Xbox One. I'm not saying that anything's not developed on a PC, merely that it's worrying that they don't have it running on anything resembling what they want to sell us. Sony's had their demos running on PS4 hardware dev kits since Feb.
  3. No, they weren't. They were running on PS4 dev kits composed of the actual PS4 hardware. Developer of upcoming PS4/PC/iOS title The Witness Jonathan Blow tweeted: It is not true as the article says that “all E3 demos run on hi-end PCs”. The Witness was running on PS4 dev hardware, and it looked to me like all the other PS4 games were running on dev kits as well. Dev hardware is the hardware that will be in the final retail box, but in a less consumer-oriented package. Dev kits almost always have more RAM yeah. Better CPU+GPU, no… All the indies I know were running on the PS4. We worked very hard to get our game running on the actual PS4 hardware and operating system in time for the show. As did many other devs. and If you have any other facts that you'd like to pull out of your glorious PC gaming master race ass and post here, please, feel free to do so.
  4. Oops. Uhh. Aren't they supposed to be shipping the Xbox One and these games out in five months? And they're still running the demos on desktop PCs running with a different operating system and even an entirely different graphics processor than what's in the Xbox One? The hell?
  5. ...Aside from the games Sony actually showing off not being ho-hum, QTE fests, or rehashes, no online requirement, no disc based DRM, the actual support of indie games, and the $100 cheaper price tag I guess I can't think of a single thing. I was never disregarding the used games issue. Merely setting it aside for a moment to point out that there are a lot of reasons Microsoft is losing. Now, please, take a moment to explain to us why Sony isn't winning.
  6. But 3rd party titles already essentially have DRM at the discretion of publishers. For arguments sake, lets set aside the used game issue. Even without that plus, how is Sony not outshining Microsoft in every category of interest to the average gamer?
  7. OH. MY. GOD. Anyone else just watch the Sony conference? They easily win this generation. -Used games. -No DRM. -100 dollars less than Xbox. $399. -Screw you, Microsoft. -Flawless victory. You should be so very ashamed of yourselves, Microsoft. You betrayed your fans. I loved you once. What could Microsoft possibly do to counter this? Me thinks there's a lot of soiled pants at MS HQ right now. Also, . Discuss.
  8. Ok, this shop job actually made the design far more appealing to me. Hits me right in my Atari 2600 feels.
  9. I wanted to laugh at that but then I started to cry. Oh, and it just came out that the One also cannot use any existing headsets. This whole thing was already laughable but now it's wrapped back around to sad.
  10. Because it's your sports, entertainment, and brah connection all in One! Oh and you can play games on it too or something.
  11. These were my exact sentiments after the reveal.
  12. Aaaaaaaand they just confirmed that the console will not function if you don't connect to the internet for longer than 24 hours. Again, yipes.
  13. The reveal summed up in a word - yipes.
  14. Remember, for the last decade the LucasArts offices have seen nothing but pillow fights and coke wars.
  15. I honestly have no idea. Eating? Eating maybe? I'll at least give her a call and wish her a happy Mothers day.
  16. Woooooaaaah!!! I wasn't sure this was still on here. I still think back to this very thread from time to time. Lots of fun was had here.
  17. Honestly, I'd have to say Fifth Element. The president annoys me to no end but man do I loves me that movie.
  18. Keep it down, man! You wanna get us all sued?!
  19. Poll is useless without Yoda. Orth's an adult who works in a professional industry for a professional company and he should have known better than to do what he did. Even before the recent disasters related to always on DRM I can't say I was a fan of the idea. My internet is spotty nearly every day and I simply can't/won't buy a console that kicks me out of my game if the net's down. I really really hope that the rumor doesn't pan out.
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