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  1. mystic heres a good site for kenshin images: check it out



    insanesith what do you want the points for???


    because i was thinking of probably getting an italic name or maybe even a name change.


    but if you really need it i'll donate some points to you.



    ohh yeah can you change the sig pic you made me, just change the font. i was thinking just making my name smaller. change the font style and color (black/red) as well and move it to the lower left or right side. cuz the background is great and it should be more visible.

  2. Originally posted by MysticSpade

    well -s/<itzo- i'd make ya a new one but i only have one Himura Kenshin pic to work with and you are usin it.


    use the same pic but this time show the whole pic, from the waist up.


    or if you want i can find some images and post it later on.



    but for now i'll use Insanesith's.



    by the way, thanx alot SPY_jmr1 for stickying this thread for free. i really appreciate it dude.

  3. Originally posted by Katarn07

    No, it's not.


    1) If collecting is a hobby, you'll spend big for stuff


    2) One of a kind custom (maybe not, the seller may have more)


    3) Well made custom


    personally i think it's too much plus it's not even a popular star wars character.

  4. ok.... first off lets compare the two..


    at age 24 kobe already has 3 rings but jordan had none. you gotta remember kobe went to the leage at age 17, straight from high school. he's been in the leage for 7 years now plus kobe has shaq. kobe didn't have the pressure as much as jordan did. no one in the league can stop shaq.


    but remember the season when the bulls broke the record for the most wins in a season (72-10).


    shooting wise kobe has a better outside game than jordan and a better 3-point shooter.


    but jordan has a better inside game. he's more of a mid-range shooter. plus jordan attack the basket more ferocious than kobe did.


    dunking skills, no contest, that goes to jordan.


    dribbling goes to kobe. he's more creative with the ball. he's more of a agile player than jordan.


    passing goes to kobe. he's kinda of a point guard in a way. he brings the ball down the court most of the times unlike jordan who rarely did.


    kobe slightly quicker and faster but jordan is much stronger.


    rebounding skills are about the same. both avarage about 7 per game.


    but jordan is more versatile. jordan's able to think more clearly with the ball. plays smarter. that's what make jordan a better play i think. kobe hasn't develope the mental state jordan have. but give him a couple more years and he might develope it aswell.


    defensive game gotta go to jordan. NBA All-Defensive First Team selection (1987-88 to 1992-93, 1995-96 to 1997-98).


    jordan has a much bigger hands than kobe. he can steal and swat the ball better. don't get me wrong kobe defensive game is one of the top in the leage right now. but jordan's defensive awareness is better than kobe's.


    overall jordan got a better game. jordan is a five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and kobe has none so far. i think kobe can step up his game close as jordan's. i don't know if kobe can surpass jordan. thats a very difficult goal to accomplish. but i can say this, kobe is only 24, he can only get better right.

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