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  1. I'm lurking a bit. Started playing the games again about two months ago.

  2. ...Damn, are you still hanging around here? :xp:

  3. Go for it (if you haven't already). All I ask in return is acknowledgement. :)

  4. Sure, if I can find them... It's been a pretty hectic couple of weeks and my PC is a mess. :p

  5. Fair enough, I'll get to submitting it.

  6. Hey, I need to update the file for my T3 dialog mod, would it be inappropriate for me to replace the old file myself?

  7. Posted that mod to KotOR Files, so if it doesn't seem to be acting up, it's ready for upload whenever you get to it. :)

  8. Haha I can see why you wanted backup looking for Canderous' clothes, now. :p

  9. There was a link in my last post, second line.

  10. Got another one for you:

    T3 Dialog Skip Fix

    It should fix the issue with some of T3's lines getting skipped. Mind tossing this into your Override and letting me know how it works out next time you play?


    Edit: Fixed a typo in the changes.ini file, everything should work fine now.

  11. I've never come across it. IIRC K1 party clothing was generally cut, with exceptions for Carth and Bastila. Weird as those are some of the only assets that actually were cut. I'll take a look next time I'm browsing KT and let you know if I come across it; I'm pretty good at finding things among the mess. :p

  12. Thanks! It needed to be fixed IMO. Glad I was able to remember enough procedure to pull it together.

  13. Well I guess I better start getting back on Skype, then. :xp:


    Just read your review; quite flattering, thanks. :D

  14. Sorry for the wait. Do your worst. :xp:


    By the way, I finally had a chance to look over your robes while I was playing, and they look really nice. I particularly like the robes that adapt other ingame equipment, like Disciple's, since the art style is consistent with the rest of the game. As for your custom textures, they look great. My favorite would have to be Silvar's robe, it's really well done. One or two of them, like Maul's, IMO look a bit awkward but it's clearly due to the model's limitations so I definitely don't fault you for that. Nice job. :)


    Also, sorry I've totally flooded your visitor messages lately, I hadn't realized how many posts we've traded. :p

  15. Uploading right now. :)

  16. I don't care for the silver much myself but I figured I'd get all of the colors covered. I understand what you mean about the viridian blade being darker; I left it as the game's default hue just to keep it simple. If you'd like to make it darker, I'd suggest a combination of curves/brightness.


    I think I just may wrap it up and submit it to FileFront. :p

  17. Good deal. Be sure to check out viridian and silver, in particular. In addition to the animation, I fixed the brightness issue that caused the edges of the blade planes to be visible.

  18. Whenever it's convenient, don't even feel like you have to look at it if you don't feel up to it, I just figured you might be interested.


    BTW I am looking into the "apron issue" and I think it has something to do with the UV edits svosh made. Next time I talk to him, I think I'll see if he has any insight on it.


    Hope you feel better. :)

  19. Hey, check this out for me when you get a chance, let me know what you think:

    Pulsing Lightsaber Blades

    If you don't mind, that is. I'm just looking for a second opinion; mainly if the animations are way too noticeable, or not noticeable enough. :p

  20. Well, where would be the fun in coming back if I were only going to leech? :p


    Yes, I have a few plans. Most of them are relatively simple modifications to get me back into shape, and then I've got a gun project that I've actually already started working on.

  21. They won't know what hit them. :dev7:

  22. Game came early! I've got plans this afternoon, but later tonight, assuming I can rig the game to run okay on Vista (at least until I have a working copy of K1 and can copy over that all-important file), and get all the mods I've downloaded working together, I'll be checking out your skins later. ;)

  23. Thanks!


    Just so you know I was planning on put your mod up as well last night; however I had gotten really tired, and in any case I wasn't sure if I'd be able to review it without seeing it ingame for myself (Still waiting to get new discs), but if no one else has gotten to it by the time I get my K1 disc, I'll make sure it gets up.

  24. Haha so I paid the extra 2 USD for 2-day shipping for one of the games I ordered, but apparently I checked the wrong one; I guess I'll be playing TSL before I play K1, so you'll be receiving my review sooner than I expected. :xp:

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