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  1. If none of the Anti-Harry fans actualy read the books, that only prooves they are waging a holy war on something they know nothing about. I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but I recongnize the fundimentalist desire to control other people's entertainment is not about "morals" it's about control. I remember back when Warcraft 2: Tides Of Darkness was big. My Friend brought it from his uncle's house. I played it alot until my freind (stupidly) showed my mom the part where the orcs hung the bodies of the knights and burned them. It was crappy graphics and didn't show detail or any gore. Somehow My mom used it as an exuse to justify taking the game away from me. She claimed I would become a murderer someday if i continue to play them. Remember "Itchy and Scratchy" off The Simpsons? My mom wouldn't let me watch that. To this day, I have to hide any matierial my mom would find objectionable while she does her church services and reads books like "Spiritual Warfare". She thinks she is better than others becuase she goes to church. I heard the preist going "if you buy or play violent video games, your'e supporting a bad thing" It is the ultimite insult to your child to suggest they can't determine fantasy from reality.
  2. I know about Nagasaki and Hiroshima, What I meant was that the whole world has not been destroyed yet, dispite how close we came. With the Cold war and The cuban missle crisis and all. ...And I DO hope HE don't be president someday.
  3. ...Plus I also heard if you commit incest, It will do wierd things to their genes and the babies will end up with two heads and stuff... Edit.. I hope nobody will be dumb enough to vote for a guy who Advocates nuclear war. Remember in the cold war, both the US and Russia were at eachother's throats with weopoons that can destroy the world. Neither civilizations wanted that. If it hasn't happened yet, I wouldn't worry too much about it. On the other hand, In the cuban missle crisis, JFK used his smarts to avoid nuclear war. then there was this missle luanced by accident. Einstien said "there was never a weopon man hasn't eventualy used." There were times when It almost happened, (knock on wood). "Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich"- Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. ...More proof that our fair use rights is under attack.
  5. Sounds like He is pretty safe from Impeachment here...
  6. Just becuase they are poor does not mean they are lazy. They are most of them are having a hard time getting jobs espeacialy when the economy is low. you have any Idea how long it takes to find any one who is willing to hire you? what if you got fired and had to find another job right away. It would be tough crap without welfare. Edit: the only reason any one would be aginst welfare is becuase companies don't want to pay into it. much like social security.
  7. I got back into the icecrown realm when it got back up again and my characters where there again. no data was lost .
  8. has any one played world of warcraft? my realm went down and I chose another realm and my characters were gone. have I lost my character data? or are my characters stuck in my old realm?
  9. So what happens if all the money eventualy gets locked up by the rich?
  10. What concerns Me is the Patriot Act. The Fbi can arrest you for critisism, and protest too. whats to stop them all they have to do is label you a terrorist and they can throw you in jail no court or nothing. ...or at least thats what I heard.
  11. Congrats! You just played the Hitler card! Don't use Emotion based arguments. Use logic. (Sorry.. couldn't resist.)
  12. On TV, they showed how well loved he was in texas.
  13. Even if it was, the bushies should learn something from it. that is how dictatorships usualy start out as explained at the end of this thread. Ckicky
  14. Aren't you guys afraid that we will get arrested for speacking out aginst Bu$h? If Skinwalker dissapears from the forums, then we know his case is proven for him.
  15. -click- Edit: Shocking statement. More proof that religion is something people use to get what they want.
  16. Good to see not all wealthy people are for Bu$h. Good ol lucas.
  17. Great! I happen to have a spy camera like this:Clicky the little quarter size camera is attatchable to a 9 volt battery (or wall outlet) and the rest of the equipment is for reciving signel and hooking it to VCR, PC Etc... I put my quarter size camera in a 6 inch stuffed donald duck doll. Seriusly that would be illeagal.
  18. Thank you all for your comments. a lot of them were good. and some were funny. There is still no news on what my dad will do yet.
  19. We are in a deficiet, Is that the time to be giving tax breaks? if you want to help the economy, put people to work. make sure people have decent wages. raising minimum wage will get people more money than tax breacks. than people are able to buy more, so companies will get more money too. people will be paying more taxes on the things they buy and the higher income too, so the government will get more money too. EDIT: trouble is the companies want to take advantage of their workers and pay low wages and they think they are saving money that way. when people earn a bare substadance level, people cant buy things. when people cant buy, they cant support companies, companies start laying off, then people are out of work, then less people buying, less money for comanies, cycle continues. This happened before. It was called the great depression. economy collapses.
  20. Okay, we lived in our new house for 5 years since 2000. Our next door nieghbor dosent live in his house, he just gets his mail and leaves. he pays some guy to cut the grass. he never went in his house. his house is always empty. the whole 5 years it was like that with him and his house. We wondered why he doen't either live there or sell his house. We have this theory that there may be a dead bodies in there. He left his back door wide open and never bothered to shut it. We can clearly see that there is trash everywhere in that house. Moutain Dew bottles, Pringles canisters, and TV dinners containers everywhere. Trash all over the floor and EVERYTHING. I never seen anything like it. It stank too. you could see sterios and furnature too. why would he leave his back door wide open for someone to go in ad grab it? Surly athorities may veiw this as a health hazard. We heard stories that since his parents died, he never took the trash out, he eventualy quit paying his utility bills, and slept outside in his car to keep cool or in the case of winter, keep warm. he now drives somewhere else and only returns to get his mail. My dad is afraid to go in there, for he is afraid of what he may find, or he is afraid if he finds something they got him for bracking and entering. My dad says "he's a nutty man!" Hes afraid if he calls the police on him, our ghost neighbor might get mad at him. bad things happen when you get crazy people mad at you.What do you think?
  21. it is not his kids. Its not like hes the parent of that kid. trying to protect him. besides, Spider Al just explained that:
  22. I share my bed with my dog, but my dad wouldnt let me sleep with my 11 year old cousin even if I wanted to. When you are a grown man, You don't sleep with little boys.
  23. I have to explain my two threads. it may sound self contradicting, but there are two things wrong about society I was poining out: -people pay more attention to the private lives of celebs than thngs that really matter. such as our dependance on oil. -I don't like celebs getting away with whatever they want either. When It comes to commiting crimes, that would be dangerus for society too, for they can kick us around all they want. no one is or should be above law. does that make any sense? sure:) peace.
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