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  1. Yes we are. Not many from forums any longer, but guild is still around. http://thewalkingcarpets.com/


    Off the top of my head Mav, Jasra, Totenkopf and me are the people I see on line from forums. Sure there are a few others I'm forgetting.


    Republic guild is more active than imp. Imp side is basically just a leveling guild for alts. Republic side we do raid 2 or 3 times a week.


    If you would like to join, fill out applications on above forum. From Lucas Forums you are in, so don't worry much about going into to much detail. However, other officers want some type of record in guild forum.

  2. Happy Birthday! Again!

  3. Mom is still hanging in there. Still on Hospice, never seen anyone on Hospice for 2 years.


    Still on TOR, but have been playing DA:I last two weeks.

  4. Just wanted to say hello in case you stop by. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday season.

  5. Ready as I'm going to be, playing DA:I right now.

  6. No still only playing TOR. Have like 5 games that I haven't played or finished yet, but TOR keeps my attention. Just leveled another agent. I may level another Trooper, but beyond that I thinking I'm done with new characters. That will give me two of each Republic class and all the Imps plus a extra agent.


    Haven't been playing as much. Dealing with ill mother and other real life issues. May play more this month or other games since I will be stuck with work and home due to mother illness.

  7. Happy Birthday and all that crap!

  8. Ok I bought a PS3 :) Will be here tomorrow. Had to find a couple other PS3 games that interest me to justify it in my head, but I really want to play that game.

  9. Is it worth buying a PS3 or PS4 for? Never heard of it until now, but from what I have just seen it looks worth it to me.

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Smuggler story isn't the greatest. Chapter 1 is pretty good, but IMO it goes down after that. However, female smuggler has the best/funniest lines in the game. So it is worth it just for that reason to me. Also believe the female is the best voice acting in game.

  12. Still playing..Everything is going fine. Have one more class to level and I will be done leveling, well unless I decide to make another smuggler.

  13. First bioshock was amazing...Had trouble at the start too. Too use to RPGs I guess, but it is a really good game and entertaining story..2nd on, not so much. Think I bought the third, but TOR takes all my game time.

  14. I never told you?


    my fault

  15. If I can remember how to do it

  16. NP... I'm just hoping we have enough to pull it off, although with what we have now. I figure we could do SM. :) If you want to practice the puzzle http://www.swtor-bloodline.com/tipskaraggaspalace simple puzzle. Thinking we will just do that boss in the same location everytime (not move him), just keep resetting the puzzle back to that location.

  17. Oh I believe repair cost should be lower today with the patch.

  18. I never did flashpoint leveling. If you decide you want a piece of gear or see the story, just yell. All but a couple I can solo, so I will grab Mar'ina and run you through them. You can get the drops and social points (reason i said Mar'ina or even Leyn'a is I can get social points too). What you will not get is much experience running it with a 50, but you can get story and gear.

  19. yeah sorry went to bed early last night. Came on this morning to do Gree stuff on Mar'ina in case I can't tonight, and you were not around.

  20. The droid on Coruscant was likely the world boss. Yes, you need a group. Use to need at least 2 people at 50 or it would one shot you. Not sure if that is still true. I'll send your imp a speeder tonight. Also gear is low level is pretty useless for higher level toons. Even the credits, waste of inventory space. So they are extemely nice to pass, but people really should pass.

  21. Basically this is the only rule "We are a mature, casual guild that focuses on fun. I simply ask that each of you treat each other with respect as we all deserve that kind of treatment. Each of you is an ambassador for the guild, so please act accordingly in your interactions with others in game."

  22. Not really many rules dealing with the guild.


    Sign up for this website http://thewalkingcarpets.com/forum for more information. Most of the guild information is on a private page so you have to sign up to see it. Most of the post are me being a smart ass though, so don't be thinking you will be getting some enlightened information.

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