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  1. I don't really update my blog very much anymore, but it's jeffmoeller.com.

  2. I've save some dinner for you

  3. I will look into it, but I don't know right now.

  4. What is it then

  5. Jeff



    how have you been my man

  6. Yep, definitely a lot of dying in that game. Overall though I think the running/parkour aspect of it is really well done.

  7. valkyria chronicles 2 for psp



  8. I have given up. It's up to her.

  9. zomg Hermie, happy birthday man :D Though I am probably late in euroland time. :p

  10. *deletes user Sabrebooth*


    I think so :xp:

  11. sms conversation:

    me: YY don't forget about us the week is almost over!

    bee: But my sister is here from canberra:P am out now anyway, won't be back till late.


    Then she trys to throw in something positive with "Hope you're enjoying San Diego!" but I see through that like spam in a ziplock bag. This was last week btw, since the week in question is over.

  12. Well, God has been wrong before. :p

  13. That is just amazing Sabre. The people on that site really know what they're talking about, based on what they said about me. :cool:

  14. Hello Miss I would like to take you up on your excellent offer of 30% off electornics, please respond as soon as possible.

  15. Avery I have procured my plane tickets! blahh cannot wait for semester to be over, so much work to do.

  16. Jeff

    If I thought a PS3 was worth getting, that'd be the game I'd get. :p So much fun :D

  17. Very nice. Out of those I have Assassin's Creed which I love, and Tomb Raider: Underworld which was enjoyable enough. I've also picked up some Xbox originals, I have the GTA Trilogy set and then Jet Set Radio Future.

  18. Woot! :D Did you get any games besides Fallout 3? That is one I still need to get, though I'll probably get it for PC.

  19. I haven't checked out Netflix yet but I think there is a free trial so I will probably sign up at one point. Request sent, I am Jeffu32.

  20. ChAiNz very nice on the 360, what's your gamertag? :D

  21. haha yeah, no way I would be able to :p

  22. I showed her that video first :p

  23. Avery that avatar is hot, are you on the right or the left?

  24. Well I guess with the house quiet it's a good time to study but I know what you mean, I never feel like studying :p


    Also @ below, IT'S A TRAP


  25. Hooray for soft toys :p Yeah it is still ridiculously cold for Spring here, barely above freezing seems like. xD I haven't driven in so long, don't have a car here at school. Hoping I'll be able to rent one long-term this summer though. Once your cold is cleared up you will have absolutely no excuse not to come on voice with me btw ;D

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