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  1. So awesome these two are working on a Star Wars game. Can't wait to actually hear about it.
  2. Hey everyone, we've been listening and love that there is interest in revitalizing the forums. Feel free to PM myself, Lynk Former, or another active admin if you are interested in helping us update the forums and network. Like stoffe mentioned, we are especially interested in anyone who is familiar with server administration, php/mysql, or interested in writing or managing a new gaming website. But I don't want to discourage anyone who wants to help out or has ideas for the forums. And of course, please continue the discussion in this thread as well.
  3. I came back to the game and resubbed for this. Got my Guardian to 60, but haven't completed the quest line yet since the final quest is apparently bugged for solo play. Leveling to 60 was extremely quick I thought. I did have a bit of an advantage though as I hadn't done the Forged Alliances flashpoints that are required before you can do the actual expansion, so I had already gained a lot of XP before even starting the new content. Overall though both of the new planets were pretty fun, and I really like the option of doing flashpoints solo. Leveling from level 1 would be a lot more fun if you could do the other flashpoints solo.
  4. Seriously, I am afraid of looking through past posts because of how embarrassing it probably is.
  5. Yeah, still alpha. But if you want to play it anytime soon, just go for it. I have heard that the game will be in alpha this entire year. There are bugs, but the biggest problem right now is there are just not very many features. They are planning some feature updates this Spring though. It's still fun but once you know what you are doing after playing for a while, the only danger is enemy players. PvE isn't really a challenge anymore for me.
  6. MEGA-BUMP! I have been playing a few games recently. Battlefield 4 at least a few times a week. I am not very good but trying to improve. I've also picked up DayZ and played it a ton for a couple weeks, but quickly found that the game doesn't have much to do once you find the best gear. I'm also playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, it is pretty much what I expected. Would only recommend if you enjoyed the other XIII games. Check out my Twitch channel to see what I am playing: http://www.twitch.tv/jeffutv What about you guys?
  7. I don't watch movie trailers anymore but I am really excited for this movie. Started reading the comic series last year and really enjoying it. Kind of amazing that this less known series (compared to Avengers, X-Men etc) is getting a summer blockbuster. And the casting seems pretty good.
  8. Definitely true, shown by how huge the official SWTOR forums are. But we are still one of the largest Star Wars fan forums in terms of total members and posts, even if it's not as active as it used to be. New games and movies should be able to get some old members to come back as well as new ones, just not as many as official forums.
  9. I think once the new games and movies start coming out we'll see some renewed interest. I would definitely like to do more LFN projects and have something to be excited about.
  10. Nice. I went to see this in Chicago this year and there were none that flew that well. It was actually pretty boring because of how bad all of them were, most just immediately fell into the water. I think I had unrealistic expectations.
  11. I actually covered my eyes and ears when this trailer (and Ender's Game) were being played at the theater last week...I'm sure I looked like a nutjob, but these days trailers show way too much. It is going to be so satisfying going in to Hobbit Pt 2 without ever having seen a trailer for it or what Smaug looks like.
  12. Thought I'd bump this thread and see how many people are still kicking it? I gave up a couple of months ago as I was just tired of the lack of new endgame content and how they were rehashing existing content for raid progression. The cartel store also definitely contributed to my losing interest. I still have some characters I'd like to level up but I only see myself doing that if they bring back double xp weekends.
  13. Are you excited for the upcoming expansion to SWTOR? What aspect of it are you most looking forward to?
  14. I feel like a bad person for wanting to play Citadel, but I'm reinstalling ME3 right now and gonna check it out tonight. The Citadel is my favorite area in any Mass Effect game so I have some hopes that it will be fun.
  15. Here are my mains on Republic and Imperial sides. Nothing new, but haven't posted their current looks. Kamiina with the Revan set... My powertech Motoko has a mix of columi and other orange gear.
  16. I know this is a dumb reason, but I am not excited for this because of the terrible new armor designs. They just don't look like high level gear, and are definitely the worst and most boring looking out of all the current end game gear (basically rakata and black hole). The smuggler ones don't even look new, they just look like a combination of current gear. I'm not sure I would even change my look because I like the Revan armor, but new gear is what motivates me the most in endgame play and it's silly when there's no loot to look forward to.
  17. I also really like the look of that new armor. I like that the belt is actually under the robe, instead of over it like every other JK style armor. Btw Astor, for some reason your image isn't loading, unless it's just me.
  18. They are not on either of the two polls but two games I'll mention are Binary Domain and Syndicate. Both cyberpunk (the best genre) shooters, third and first person, respectively. Binary domain is more of a typical Gears of War style shooter while Syndicate has some interesting combat mechanics with being able to slow down time and also hack opponents during combat to do stuff like make their weapon backfire. They are also both pretty short, so I'd definitely recommend checking one or both of them out. The only game on this list that I played was Lollipop Chainsaw and while it was fun for what it is and I love Suda51 I can't say it was one of my favorite games of the year. Still glad I played it though.
  19. The Walking Dead for me. It probably wouldn't have been my GOTY in a different year, but like others have said there weren't as many standout titles for me this year. I loved that game though and I think it's deserved all the praise it's gotten. After that it's probably Halo 4. Not sure about the order of the rest of my top games yet. P.S. people that chose ME3 are you sure you didn't misread the thread as most disappointing game?
  20. KotOR for sure with TIE Fighter a close second. I really need to play the DF/JK games...
  21. I think they only made a few small mistakes with the restrictions in f2p which blew up in their face from a user perspective. People all over the web are saying how poorly implemented it is, and a lot of it isn't even accurate, just because they heard you have to pay to revive or only have x number of action bars. It's still the same game as it was before and if you were a previous subscriber, you just need to subscribe for 1 more month to get enough coins to unlock all those little annoying things. The completely free option is aimed at people trying it for the first time. I do still think it's too restrictive, not allowing armor color matching or hiding head slot for example, but for casual players that shouldn't matter as much. If you want more, well it's still really a subscription game with a free option. I think the cartel market sucks for current subscribers, there is almost nothing there I'd want to waste my 3,000+ cartel coins on, but from the f2p angle I think it's way overblown.
  22. There are definitely some classics listed there, but Mass Effect 3 is really out of place.
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