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  1. lol well I'm trying to come up with something, cause right now I'm kinda in a slump creatively speaking :(

  2. Shana

    Sorry it took me a long time to answer your message.... work is a really messed up thing and it's been leeching away my time.... ;_; I hate it, but I got to eat :3

  3. Sorry that it took me this long to answer... been very busy with work stuff.... I hate it ;_;

  4. I'm sorry I've been away a lot..... being bombarded by work stuff is not cool :/ specially when people don't recognize your efforts ;_;

  5. Yeah, I'm not dead sorry XD I have just been suddenly bombarded with work stuff...... ;_; so much I want to cry lol

  6. well the devastation is going to be grand, but I don't think killing off most characters would be nice, I mean, some might die, but I don't want to sacrifice any of the PCs, I'd like people to be involved to the end, but maybe key aspects of your story we could insert ;)

  7. Whatever you want to do, right now I'm having a bit of trouble with RL..... but I'll get it sorted out soon hopefully

  8. I don't know, tried to let everyone get to the hangar bay but only like you guys were the only ones to post, and then I decided to wait some more.... and then.... but I'll breathe life into it again tho

  9. we were actually waiting for me XD sorry

  10. lol yeah sorry XD RL got in the way..... ;~;

  11. That sounds perfect :D I'll get to work on that by tonight ;)

  12. well the thread is up ;)

  13. Ok then, I'll try to get the thread up this weekend ;)

  14. btw the thread is up in the casting call

  15. Well for now, I am keeping the number of characters in 2, but could increase if the amount of people joining is too low.

  16. Shana

    ummm what do you think I should do in the mass effect thread to introduce my character? I don't want to just add a subplot just like that in order to introduce her :3

  17. I don't mind, send it over ;)

  18. Shana

    Thanks a lot LDR :D

  19. oh that sucks...

  20. awww thank you :D it's a lot of fun to rp with you too and you're also a great writer, it's so much fun to rp here with everyone seeing as all are really talented people :D

  21. lol thanks Ninja XD

  22. Thanks a lot :D this made my day a little happier, I needed a boost :) thanks again

  23. Well thank you! :D that's actually really sweet of you :) I will have the thread for Magical Strike Force S2 for the weekend, and we'll see how that turns out ;)

  24. you? If that's so, then awesome! :D

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