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  1. There's no mod like this, and nobody's willing to make it as I can tell from lack of replies.
  2. It wouldn't be a skinning work, but modeling. I know what he looks like so it would be hard to make a remodel from existing body, and giving him proper hair would be nearly impossible.
  3. Wouldn't be that much different from those electric pikes that are ingame.
  4. For K1 Carth's jacket would do, and for TSL Atton's would do. As for the head I think the one with scar below the eye and goatee would work in both.
  5. It has to be that way since Ithorians wouldn't have any combat animations if they were to wield sabers.
  6. I think editing the character's utc file, adding feats and powers plus equipment would do.
  7. That's all fine and dandy. With a little exception that you can't create new force wielding classes.
  8. My mod listed here doesn't contain Luke's tunic, but Anakin's.
  9. Tae-kwon-do robes? It's possible, with Prime's (I think it was his) robe remodel.
  10. Too detailed model-and-tech wise. You'd need bumpmaps to make it close looking to actual Crysis suit, and also a remodel of a fitting body mesh.
  11. Seems that even from looking at concept that adding beard to Carth and playing with hair and eye hues would do.
  12. Mandalore has asymetric leg plates, and his helmet lacks proper shape. However, a reskin of heavy armor, and new head model (completely new one, since facial animations wouldn't be needed for this.) would do the trick.
  13. 5 minutes doesn't quite cut it. 2 minutes or less is more adequate timing.
  14. I believe the color is hardcoded.
  15. You wan to play as Revan? Get one of numerous robes of his for TSL. Because nobody is gonna waste time editing whole game to suit a completely different character than it was suposed to be in the first place.
  16. Wtf is with everyone posting 'you want link pm me'? It's not like it's something that must go behind the scenes, you can post link here for reference. As I'll do. http://files.filefront.com/avol+vaderzip/;9863664;/fileinfo.html Also people need to post these kinds of things in the Mod Link Requests thread stuck at the top of the forum. No more of these Darth Again, ok? -RH
  17. Not the exact replacement, but you can use this.
  18. Not at all since the model is still in TSL assets. Redhawke made it avaiable for use for example.
  19. You could check this, and the add-on to it.
  20. Here is the link to AVol's Vader for TSL, that seems to be in high demand lately. http://files.filefront.com/avol+vaderzip/;9863664;/fileinfo.html Also may I suggest replacing links from the first page with the new, working counterparts, since PCGM database seems completely offline.
  21. I'll be a generous bastard and share it from my filefront stash. http://files.filefront.com/avol+vaderzip/;9863664;/fileinfo.html
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