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  1. Always good to see you, Glenn! Merry Christmas! :D

  2. I hear ya. The one thing that I've missed the most is teaming up with you guys, really. I've never been a multiplayer guy, but the social aspect has been really fun. I've been looking for another multiplayer game that could deliver that (not necessarily an MMO or RPG) but none that really interest me.

  3. Hey! Yes, long time no see! I indeed got a bit tired of the game. I think it's partly the game's fault, but eventually I get tired of every game, so it was going to happen sooner or later. I don't think I've actually logged in since September last year. Played some singleplayer games since then, which is what I prefer anyway. But, you know, I might check in on it once in a while, I still feel I should at least finish the Agent's story.

  4. Yeah, my sage stranded at 42. I should've done some more levelling during the double xp weekends, but I got a bit tired of it, to be honest. Got my merc to 55 now, though! :) The new content is pretty cool.

  5. Ah, yes, that one. Got it at the first try, but was terrified all the way through that I would make a mistake. :p

  6. Oh, everyone has made some foolish mistakes in this game. :p About the ballon datacrons: I don't know of any "variation" per se, but certain classes can pull you up to it so you don't have to wait half an hour.

  7. Pretty much (plus hardmode flashpoints). The Rep system also has other stuff besides the Gree, so I'll look into those perhaps. The Gree event (in contrast to earlier events) will be recurrent, though. Monthly, two-monthly, no idea, but it's coming back, so if you couldn't do it now, you should be able to do it next time. :)

  8. Sorry, didn't see the message fast enough. The server downtime is being postponed, though, it's not happening tonight. Anyway, still want to lend a hand, if you need it.

  9. To switch companions, go into the craft screen. Should be hotkey 'n'.

  10. Yup. At that point, they can't even hit you anymore. Tython is the starter planet for the Jedi, there isn't much for a Smuggler there except datacrons, of course. Oh, by the way, if you're a completionist, it may be worth noting Nar Shaddaa's bonus series becomes active once you're 30-31. There's a woman in the spaceport who gives you the starting quest. Same goes for Alderaan later on (around 40, then).

  11. Yeah, if I see you online, I'll look for an officer. By the way, general chat can be horrible at times, no surprises there, but you can make tabs that only allow certain channels to get through. I usually make a Guild chat, so only guild and whispers come through.

  12. Cartel coins as a way of improving the experience for going through the storylines? Well, as a subscriber, I don't really depend on the Cartel Market. I'd guess a few things that can be quite useful I take for granted, but in the context of just the storylines, there isn't much, I'd wager.

  13. Are you going for light side or dark side? Or choosing it as you go along?

  14. While you always seem to get the choice, there's definitely a ideal way of getting through the content. Balmorra should be your first visit. The galaxy map shows you the ideal level range of each planet (Balmorra is something around 18, I think, while Nar Shaddaa is around 25).

  15. Yeah, in 1.7 I think, and it seems to be recurrent, whatever that entails. But I look forward to it and to that reputation system. :)

  16. Hey! How's it going? I kinda missed that last message of yours. :p Have been a bit busy, first playing some other games and now exams. We still gotta do some FPs, and team up on the Sith side (I got my Assassin to 23 or something before I took a break - Tatooine's his next stop, I think). Still got a week left of studying, but after that, I should be jumping back into the game. Hope to see you there!

  17. Love the healing spec'd Merc, the healing's so weird. :p And yeah, a lot of FP's overlap, but there are a few unique to the imp side.

  18. Hehe, well it is highly unusual. :) Hope you like the Bounty Hunter. What advanced class and spec are you going for?


    I got Assassin's Creed III, by the way, so whenever I don't have work, this'll keep me busy for the next two weeks. I'll probably look to resubscribe in a month or so, can't wait to team up on the Imperial side. See ya!

  19. Ouch, that's unfortunate. But yeah, hope we can do an imp run at some point. The guilds bigger now, and even Lynk's back! You see what happens when we go away for a while? :p

  20. Hey, hey, what's up? Just wanted to let you know I probably won't be playing TOR in a while. I know I said I'd be back in September, but things turned out differently and these next two months are going to be filled with working on university-stuff. It's my Master year, so I should've known, but yeah, guess I was hoping for less work. :p Well, I hope I can get back into it sooner rather than later, and that we can team up once more! :D

  21. Haven't been on TOR for some time myself, lately. RL, huh? :)

  22. That's nice of you. :) The crate farming I could do without, to be honest (which I did anyway, I wanted the Lobelot pet :p), but the quests itself were fun (albeit quite short).

  23. The leap of faith just brings you to another platform. I died when arrived there with my bounty hunter for no apparent reason, luckily someone revived me so I didn't have to redo it. :)

  24. Oops, missed that last question of yours on the Imp character. Wow, almost two months since that, huh? :p Anyway, won't have much time to play until after the first week of September, but if you're still willing, wouldn't mind levelling with your Bounty Hunter then... :)


    Also, you doing the new event right now?

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