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  1. That was a lot more Hennig than Raymond. But yes, it's amazing that we'll get Star Wars games these two have helped working on and this interview reinforces they know their stuff. So much Star Wars to look forward to, what a time to be alive!
  2. I've always thought the Old Republic setting was perfect, because there's so much room to do something new, to experiment. Aesthetically, well, the same thing should apply. The Tales of the Jedi, Knights of the Old Republic and the Jedi vs. Sith periods all looked and felt different, but were all Old Republic. And there's always room for more, especially now the slate has been wiped (mostly) clean.
  3. EA saying the right thing (if not actually doing the right thing yet), but if only because the Star Wars IP is the one IP you can do this with and still make ****tons of money. History proves this. Regardless of my thoughts on EA and its business, I do think it has the right amount of budget and talent to make great Star Wars games, if they use their resource well. I'm a little wary, but also somewhat hopeful. On the other hand, I'm still hoping EA will go outside of their own studios for one of their big budget games, if only to see what Obsidian can do with their second go at Star Wars. But... that's less likely to happen. Still, Star Wars gaming looks to have entered a new era with Battlefront, hopefully with plenty of games we can fondly look back at like we still do with the Star Wars games of old.
  4. If nothing else, the article made me want to replay KotOR again. Not that I need a lot of encouragement for that, but it's a well-written article that perfectly captures the feeling people had when they were standing on each of the different planets for the first time, taking in that moment, while also highlighting the interaction with colorful characters and emotional quests that would influence RPG's to this day. It's interesting to read about the cut content. I remember the discussions about the cut content on this forum, with all the valiant efforts to bring them back. As big fans of these games, we naturally want more and that's what the cut content gives us. But I also think the explanation of pacing is a sound one. Doesn't mean it's not a shame we don't get to see Sleheyron as it was intended. I think I'd personally most want to have the Sand People questline back if I could choose, though. I know you touched upon it briefly, but I think one of the most interesting things about the game is its legacy, more specifically its influence on modern RPG's and actually games in general, as well as how it helped shape one of the most succesful franchises in recent gaming history, i.e. Mass Effect and how it steered BioWare into a new direction.
  5. As I don't venture outside of the KotOR forums these days, I'm not aware of what the other communities think of the changes, but a quick look makes me think it'll take some time before a) people are aware of the changes and b) those people have decided what they want to take with them and what to archive. I'm not even sure how many people checking LF from time to time know what is about to happen (i.e. is the simple announcement enough?), except for Ahto's, which had that lengthy discussion about LF's future that spawned this endeavor.
  6. Congratulations on the (soft) launch, I love the layout of the Starwarsgamer site. Looking forward to participate in the forum discussions of the new LF. Onwards we go, lads!
  7. Is the idea that someone can inherit something from someone and actually do justice with it or make it better that farfetched? Was Aliens that bad? Was the Battlestar Galactica reboot? Either way, if what we get from the guy who created it is stuff like Jar Jar Binks, coarse sand and slapstick droids, then maybe let's give the other guy a chance. Or not, if you like Jar Jar. You'll always have the prequels, I guess.
  8. Before the prequels, I might have agreed with you. But I'd rather have quality than consistency. Which in my opinion I'm more likely to get with Abrams than Lucas. And I don't think you can accuse Abrams, Kasdan and others involved of not getting Star Wars. Abrams looked like the perfect fit for Star Wars anyway, especially after his Star Trek reboot. Personally, I think what I've seen from the Force Awakens so far looks more like Star Wars than the prequels ever were. At least, the Star Wars I want.
  9. And that is necessary why? I disagree. If there's one thing I'm wary about, it's the new characters' connections to the old. It makes the universe feel smaller when every story needs to be revolved around or connected to "old" characters.
  10. Hmmm. I don't see it. Maybe it's just cinema has evolved, it's got to be different. Either way, bold statement to make, that last one, based off of what? Three trailers and some fan art?
  11. So what you're saying is: take out the things that make Star Wars Star Wars and you'll end up with a movie that doesn't look like Star Wars? Well you don't say! Really, it looks perfectly Star Wars to me, not sure how else it should look. I'm on the optimistic side, really. I love the build-up, it does play on the nostalgic feelings in a big way, but it also feels like the beginning of a new era. I'm not concerned about it not living up to the OT, that's impossible with the status it has achieved during these last... 38 years? I say Bring On BB-8! (and R2 obv)
  12. Sure, not a lot of noteworthy Star Wars game on the horizon to review, but reviews are just one of many things that we could do, though. If we'd set our goals to writing articles on a regular basis, we'd have to have some variation anyway. The first thing to come to mind is retrospectives. The LucasArts company has a huge library of games that we could write about, some of which have already gotten a lot attention years after their release, some of which have not. It'd provide us with quite a bit of material for a long time and it'd be a great opportunity to put some of the older games in the spotlight once more. But retrospectives don't need to be all about the games, we could put the spotlight on the community, dig into the history of this place and why it's special to many people here. Perhaps some roundtable discussions with certain members discussing whatever we feel is relevant, on the games or the community. We've got hundreds of mods scattered over many subcommunities who could get a chance in the spotlight with, as SH suggested, a mod review or a feature. Then there's Battlefront, which opens up a lot of possibilities for the community to present itself. Our own server, open to any who would join us, but which would be distinctly LF. I'm not sure how tweakable the game would be in that regard, but organize some special events on certain days, special combat rules or just classic LF goofing around, etc. Perhaps we could tie in a youtube channel for video content. I don't have any ideas at this moment for features that we could do, but there must be a lot of possibilities.
  13. So many amazing roles, but more so an incredible man. Take your place in the pantheon, Sir Christopher Lee. Rest in Peace.
  14. As Lynk pointed out, being on the cusp of a new generation of Star Wars, with tons of projects in the works and new games being planned, is something that Lucasforums could profit from. I believe the new games might increase traffic around LF again, even in its old form, though it's true that this seems the perfect moment to revitalize the place, make it go with the times, honoring the old without being held back by it. I wish I could offer my help, but I lack the skills necessary for such a project. And it needs to be instigated from higher up anyway for this to work. I hope they come around on this. This forums deserves that.
  15. Another Mad Max-virgin! I thought I was the only one! Also, ffs, Lynk, you're going to colonize the whole internet so I won't be able to escape this, will you? For the record, it'll happen, don't worry!
  16. See what you did, Sabre! You made this all about NeoGaf now! We should talk about LF attracting crazies...
  17. "Gaf, why should I like this game?" "Gaf, I want to watch this movie. How should I proceed?" "Gaf, I got stabbed three times in the chest and am at this very moment slowly bleeding out. What should I do?" It's useful to get the latest gaming news, but I'd rather be part of this ghost community, to be honest.
  18. If I'm allowed continuing (Darathy's) trend of honoring KotOR 2 with articles, Jake Muncy's The Jedi Exile and bare life in Knights of the Old Republic II is interesting. 11 years and still relevant enough for an article or two every few months, apparently.
  19. I'm a bit tired of seeing Tatooine in Star Wars media, if I'm being honest. I know it's an iconic world for the franchise, but it's been in five of the six movies and in countless other things. It's also getting a little ridiculous that a backwater planet like Tatooine, a world apparently nobody really cares about, is at the center of many of the conflicts in the galaxy. So I'm glad they went with a new planet, although it'll be interesting to see how they'll differentiate Jakku from Tatooine. Leaving out Jawas, Sarlaccs and whatever else and getting new creatures in there is one thing, but I feel like it needs something else for it not to be Tatooine-in-all-but-name.
  20. Others see the posture of Gwendoline Christie in the Chrometrooper, who according to other rumors is an Imperial officer.
  21. Also notice the first Battlefront footage at the end of the video. A Battlefront trailer should be released tomorrow, so looking forward to that as well. Anyway, this looks incredible. A lot of amazing shots, that crashed Star Destroyer... Simply stunning. Also, for those who watched the livestream: who else was stunned by the BB-8 droid on stage? I need that thing in my life!
  22. Heh, right up his alley, I'd say. I get the feeling he always had a quip or two up his sleeve. Congrats on the 10 years, I've almost reached that milestone myself. Here's to another 10 and hopefully some decent Star Wars games to liven up the place!
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